X-Files creator Chris Carter: There are more files in those drawers


Season 11 of The X-Files has concluded and yet questions remain. Will there be a Season 12? Are there more stories to tell? Chris Carter has some answers.

“You look at any long-lived franchise, and there are endless possibilities.” – Chris Carter

What’s Next?

Chris Carter sat down with the Hollywood Reporter to answer some candid questions about the future of the franchise. Of course, on everyone’s minds knowing that Gillian Anderson has made it quite clear that this was her last season portraying Dana Scully is how can the franchise go on?

The showrunner is quick to state that the finale was a season finale and not a series finale. However, it certainly could function as one. In my mind, there aren’t any loose ends but plenty of opportunities to move forward if they are given a renewal.

Apparently, Carter also has forward thinking vision. In his mind there could be “prequels and other ways to approach the X-Files.” A prequel would be interesting maybe resurrecting the character of Arthur Dales except the younger version because NO ONE could replace Darren McGavin.

David Duchovny stated last year that William could possibly have his own show where it would be similar to the Incredible Hulk. That could work as well.

Jokingly, Carter stated that he was “waiting for the Broadway musical!” Even though he said that in jest, I personally hope no one takes that idea and runs with it. Spiderman the Musical was horrible and the thought of Mulder and Scully singing about cases and their love for one another would be too much to bear.

The Future Is Out There

Unfortunately, while it would be nice to speculate on the franchise’s future, the reality is things at Fox are up in the air right now due to their pending sale to Disney. So, welcome to television limbo, Chris Carter.

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Also, if the story were to continue into Season 12 there are fun elements to play with. Is Skinner really dead? What about the Cigarette Smoking Man? Remember he did escape a bombing at the end of the original series. Carter even threw in a theory about him. “Is he a product of the science he claims to have in his possession?”

More importantly on the topic of Mulder and Scully, there are no questions surrounding their relationship anymore. They are firmly a couple. In Carter’s words, “Scully has an enduring love for Mulder.” When he said at the beginning of the season that shippers would be happy, he wasn’t kidding!

What message does Chris Carter have for fans? “I have stories to tell; there are more files in those drawers.” However, I am good if the show gets a renewal or even if it doesn’t.

Either way, everyone wins because for twenty-five years, we had one of the best science-fiction shows on television.

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Did the ending of Season 11 satisfy you? Would you like to see the show get a renewal? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.