Ash vs Evil Dead: Ratings for Baby Proof are anything but….


Ash vs Evil Dead is at the midway point of Season 3 and the ratings are in for episode 5. What do the numbers tell us?

“All statistics have outliers.” – Nenia Campbell

Unfortunately, Nothing to See Here

We are deep into Ash vs Evil Dead  Season 3 now. The ratings for episode 5, (Baby Proof) were returned yesterday. In terms of viewership, episode 4 (Unfinished Business) brought 176,000 viewers which was up 16,000 from the previous week.

However, Baby Proof only delivered 3,000 more viewers to bring the total to 179,000. While it’s an increase, you have to look at the big picture. According to TV Series Finale, “Season 2 averaged a 0.16 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 308,000 viewers.”

By comparison, thus far Season 3 is only averaging 0.08 rating in that demographic with only 182,000 viewers. Overall, the ratings are down by 40.84%. You don’t have to work for Nielsen or a network to see this is not good news.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Baby Proof Ratings 2 – Courtesy of TV Series Finale

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Episode 6, Tales from the Rift is the beginning of the return to what the diehard Evil Dead fans say they want, which is darker tones with less humor and more horror. From now to the end of the series, it’s going to be a central theme of not only testing the mettle of man in the show but testing the mettle of the fans.

No decision on renewal has been made, however, two days ago Deadline ran a story on the brand-new STARZ show, Now Apocalypse, from Steven Soderbergh and Gregg Araki. It was noted because of its genre twist, as it could be a “suitable companion for STARZ’s flagship comedy, Ash vs Evil Dead.

While this sounds promising, we need to remain cautious. The bottom line is the numbers have to improve drastically if there is to be a Season 4 for the Ghostbeaters and the denizens of Elk Grove.

A Promise to the Fans

When Bruce Campbell and the cast stated that everything was going to change and no one was safe, they weren’t kidding. While I can’t be specific with details, fans need to stay engaged and involved with the show because it is going to pay dividends.

This is going to be an epic finale or the beginning of Season 4. Everything that’s important in the world of Evil Dead will be called in to action in the final episodes. Now is the time to support this show.

Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell, plus the entire Ghostbeaters cast, aren’t going to let you down. It’s time for fans to return that favor because if the series doesn’t acquire more viewers, it’s definitely going to become a memory and the end of the franchise.

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Have you been watching Season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead? What are your thoughts on the direction of the show?  Feel free to share your opinions. We want to hear from you.