Ash Wednesday: Bruce Campbell on remembering his alias Chuck Finley


Bruce Campbell visited the Irish Film Institute recently to promote his best-selling book, Hail to the Chin.  During the open fan forum, he was asked if it was difficult to remember his famous alias on Burn Notice, Chuck Finley. At 1428 Elm, we have his answer.

“Chuck Finley is forever.” – Sam Axe

Spies Are A Bunch of B***** Little Girls

In 2007, on the USA Network, we were introduced to a show called Burn Notice. Starring Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless, the main focus of the series was Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), a former spy trying to clear his name after being “burned.”

For those unfamiliar with the term, “Burn Notice” according to Wikipedia, is “an official statement issued by an intelligence agency to other agencies. It states that an asset or intelligence source is unreliable for one or several reasons, often fabrication. This is essentially a directive for the recipient to disregard or “burn” all information derived from that individual or group.”

One of the fan favorites is Sam Axe played by Bruce Campbell. The role’s a departure for him because it’s in a genre not affiliated with horror. Sam’s an ex-Navy Seal who spends a great deal  drinking Mojitos and being a “boy toy” for rich Miami widows and divorcees.

Known for his Tommy Bahama shirts and his laidback style, his role in the group is sometimes the “enforcer” or the “businessman.” Invariably, he use this moniker of “Chuck Finley. The reason behind it was because Sam successfully bet on the pitcher Chuck Finley numerous times. He considered it to be a lucky name.

Chuck Finley Is Hard to Forget

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Recently during his trip to Ireland to promote his best-selling book, “Hail to the Chin,” Bruce appeared at the Irish Film Institute. During the open fan forum, he was asked if he found it difficult to remember his famous alias.

Here was Campbell’s response, “My dad knew a guy named Chuck Finley for some reason so it was a really easy name to remember on the show.” He also went on to say, “It’s great in restaurants. Chuck Finley party of two. It’s fun to hear.”

He then went on to tell an amusing anecdote about a specific time he used the moniker. “If you go to Universal Studios and take the ET ride, you can put in your name so ET can say goodbye to you.” Then Campbell imitates ET’s distinctive speech pattern, “Goodbye, Chuck Finley.”

“It’s great! It’s a great party favor.” Hear Bruce’s responses in the video below starting at 17:53.

Guess he can now add ET to his list of celebrity impersonations!  Currently, Bruce can be seen in Ash vs Evil Dead Sunday nights on STARZ at 9 p.m.

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