Dana DeLorenzo takes on Ash vs Evil Dead fans in Q&A session


Yesterday, Dana DeLorenzo from Ash vs Evil Dead took to Twitter for a live Q&A session with fans. At 1428 Elm, we have the highlights.

Spoilers ahead for Season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead. Do NOT continue until you’re caught up on the STARZ series.

“I ain’t leavin’, till I get mine!” – Kelly Maxwell

Live in the Afternoon

Dana DeLorenzo, Kelly Maxwell of Ash vs Evil Dead, took to Twitter yesterday for a live Q&A session following the shocking demise of her character on Sunday’s episode, Tales from the Rift.

Of course, fans had many queries about her rumble with Ruby, the future of Kelly and what’s in store for the actress. Let’s listen in.

The Session Begins

Fan: What is your favorite quality that your character Kelly Maxwell has? I love how badass she is! She has been my favorite since the first episode!

Dana DeLorenzo: Her resilience. And unwavering determination. And her prolific and creative use of F***!

Fan: The Ash vs Evil Dead panel is always my favorite part of New York Comic Con. What is your favorite convention and why?

DD: Baby’s 1st Comic Con NYCC 2016 will always be my standout. Packed full of 2500 clamoring Evil Dead fans shaking the building w/ roars & cheers when Sam & Bruce surprised them with the very first episode! Chills thinking about it! Oh & Kevin Smith forgot to call my name. Had to follow Bruce.

Fan: I really enjoyed your fight with Lucy Lawless in episode 6. What was your favorite line during that battle?

DD: I’m bad with favorites! But in honor of Kelly and all that she’s/we’ve been through, the line following the speech about revenge: “…and I ain’t leavin, till I get mine!” Runner up –homage to Ash: “Alright you she-devil fuck- let’s go!”

Dreamin’ Kelly Maxwell Style

Fan: If you could have Kelly drop in any other horror franchise, what would it be?

DD: Jaws, baby! We even paid an homage to that when Kelly saves the day and kills Cougie, shark style.

Fan: Which female badass, in movies or TV, would you like to see Kelly team up with?

DD: Sarah Connor from Terminator or Jessica Jones !! Side note: Kelly’s male counterpart? The Punisher!!

Fan: Would you be down for a musical episode of Ash vs Evil Dead ? Do you think the rest of the cast would?

DD: YES! I BEGGED FOR THIS!!! Fun Fact: Bruce and Lucy sang one of the songs in the credits this season!! Did you catch it? Those two WIN AT LIFE.

Kills and Thrills

Fan: Out of all the kills in the show, which one is your favorite?

DD: Kelly’s Deli Slicer kill will always have my heart. You always remember your first!

Fan: Which episodes have been your favorite to work on and watch?

DD: My faves are always w/my boys aka the Ghostbeaters, but other faves were actually most challenging to shoot, but on my acting bucket list! Demon Kelly possessed by Eligos, Kelly Vs Cabin (S1), Kelly vs Ashy Slashy & the Asylum (S2).

I love watching any scene where Bruce does Stooges physical comedy with a killer one-liner. Finally, I’ve wanted to play Kelly as a DEADITE!! But we’ll have to wait and see what’s to come!

Fan: If you could bring back 3 characters that have died in the Ash Vs Evil Dead series who would you choose?

DD: SO MANY DEATHS! But off the top of my head: my girl Linda B (Michelle Hurd) Dalton (Lindsay Farris) and CHET…. because = Ted Raimi!! I could watch him & Bruce together reading a tax form. They’re THAT entertaining!

It’s about the Victory

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Fan: What was the set like the day you filmed the actual death scene? It was kind of intimate. No real props. Just you on the floor.

DD: It was pretty tough actually. It was the end of the journey for Kelly Maxwell as we know it. My 1st death scene, ever. Uncomfortable physically & emotionally. The set was very quiet that day.

Fan: Do you ever see yourself working behind the camera, as well? Writing, producing, directing?

DD: YES! That’s my next goal. I have always loved writing, been doing it as long as I’ve been acting. I love looking at shows/scenes as a whole & finding the best way to tell the story. Entertaining people is something I enjoy!  I especially love to make people laugh!!

Fan: How did it feel to reach the end of Kelly’s journey for revenge even if the results weren’t in her favor?

DD: Kelly went down the way she always wanted —- SWINGIN’!! With a BANG and a BOOM Kelly Maxwell Style! Felt like a victory to me…

Fans need to keep tuning in to the show every Sunday on STARZ at 9 p.m. The next episodes are leading up to an epic conclusion. Don’t count anyone out yet, it is the Evil Dead universe after all! Where nothing is as it seems…

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