Ash vs Evil Dead: Riffing on the ratings or stuck in the rift


Ratings are in for episode 8 of Ash vs Evil Dead and they are definitely stuck in the rift. Is there hope or could the show possibly get left behind?

“Ghostbeaters never leave a man behind.” – Ash Williams

The Power of Numbers

I have a confession to make. Every week, I report on the Nielsen ratings for Ash vs Evil Dead and I am consistently disappointed. If I were in Vegas, I would be broke by now. This series continues to churn out top notch episodes and yet the numbers tell a different story.

Frankly, I am baffled. Last week’s episode Twist and Shout only managed 136,000 viewers. I realize that figure is before streaming and Live + 7 (DVR) numbers are factored in. There is no escaping that they took a deep dive from the Kelly centric Tales from the Rift high of 196,000 viewers.

Even if you factor in the app and the DVR figures, the show is still in trouble. I realize that isn’t the news anyone wants to hear. The reason why I am puzzled is because Twist and Shout gave everyone “Evil Ash” and tour de force performances from Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless.

Fans have made it quite clear that they don’t want Ash vs Evil Dead without Bruce and yet when they are presented with an episode where he really goes for it, they don’t watch. Which brings me to Rifting Apart, while the ratings have taken an upturn generating 175,000 viewers this is only an increase of 39,000 from Twist and Shout.

On the outside, 39,000 seems like a significant jump but it isn’t enough when you are facing Season 2 which ended with 308,000 total viewers and Season 1, which ended with 508,000. Also keep in mind, Season 3 was already approved when Season 2 numbers were tallied.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Ratings Episode 8 – Courtesy of TV Series Finale

What Now?

So, here we are with only two episodes left and no word from STARZ on whether or not the series will be renewed or canceled.  Critics have been praising the Bryan Edward Hill penned Rifting Apart. Fans are doing all they can to support the series.

The cast has promised their audience that if Season 3 is the end for Ash and the Ghostbeaters, they will go out in style. I can tell you I have seen episode 9 and they aren’t kidding. At this point, everyone should sit back and enjoy Ash vs Evil Dead.

This was a great series that delivered on every level for the fanbase. The cast, the production staff, the special effects crews and stunt people should be commended for their fine efforts. Whatever the outcome, Ash vs Evil Dead has definitely cemented its place in television history.

What do you think about the ratings? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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