Supernatural: Here’s what we know about Funeralia so far


What will Supernatural’s Funeralia have in store for us, Well here are some of the thing’s we know so far. It looks like the Winchester boys are in for a shock!

Funeralia’s preview look’s like it’s going to be a good episode. We’re going to see what the new Death Billie played by “Lisa Berry” has been up to since being promoted from Reaper to Death. We learned in episode 5, Advanced Thanatology, that in Billie’s death it gave her a big promotion.

When Sam and Dean killed the horseman, Death it left the Reapers without a leader and the next Reaper to die takes his place. In that episode, she says even though she does not like the Winchesters, they are important to the bigger picture. She tells Dean that he and Sam have work to do but doesn’t say what. We can only assume they have to save the world again from the Archangel Michael and crew.

In the promo for this week’s episode, we see that even though they are important, and she needs them she does not trust them. She’s had a reaper watching their every move since taking over as death. Sam and Dean seem a little embarrassed by the thought and we see glimpses of things that may have happened to them.

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For instance, we see Sam in a chair with Rowena ripping his shirt open and Dean getting clothesline as he is running by. Also, Rowena is back fully charge and this is never a good thing for the Winchesters. Always having a trick up her sleeve to get what she wants.

I, for one, am excited to see how this plays into the episode “Bring them back alive”. Where Gabriel tells his story of where he has been, how he fakes his death, and rejects Sam and Castiel’s plead for help to stop Michael. Also, in last weeks episode, Dean and Ketch go through the rift to the other world to save Mary and Jack only to run out of time. I feel like this episode is going to have a lot going for it. With the Winchesters trying to find away back to the other world, dealing with a reaper and Rowena who has regained her full power the boy’s have a lot on their plate.

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