Supernatural: Recapping and reviewing the frighting fun of Funeralia


Rowena is back, all powered up, and she will stop at nothing to get Death’s attention to bring her son back. Can Sam and Dean work with a reaper to stop Rowena from messing with fate?

In Funeralia, Rowena is back and fully charged. This causes trouble for the Winchesters and Death as we find out what she’s up to.

After finding out about the death of her son Crowley, Rowena has a change of heart and feels as if the path Crowley chose was her fault. That in her search for power and wealth she made Crowley chose the life of a cross roads demon and later the king of hell. In her mind to make it right and to redeem herself, she seeks out people who’ve caused other’s harm and kills them and their reapers to get death’s attention to bring her son back.

Sam and Dean need Rowena’s help to track down their last hope, the archangel Gabriel, to save their family who are trapped in the apocalypse world. To do that,  they must track her down and stop Rowena from messing with fate and plunging the world into another great war or the black plague. To reset the world from all the untimely deaths she has caused.

Supernatural: Funeralina — Courtesy of The CW

While trying to get her help save their family, and possibly the world, the Winchester’s get the help of a reaper named Jessica. Jessica has been around since the last time Dean died and they are not to happy about that considering she has seen Sam’s extensive hair product collection and Dean’s three day old in case of emergency cheese burger.

Castiel has gone to heaven, trying to enlist the aid of the angels to help find Archangel Gabriel, only to find out heaven isn’t doing so well. Heaven is powered by the Angels, who are like batteries keeping power on and the souls of heaven. With all the recent wars, their number are low with maybe eleven angels in existence and they are barely keeping the lights on. Heaven’s only hope is that Gabriel will come home and that will be enough to keep power running. Now finding Gabriel is crucial, not only to save Mary and Jack, but to save heaven and stop billions of souls from falling to earth.

Funeralia starts out beautifully, Rowena in an art gallery sipping champagne when her phone rings — it’s hello boys. Sam, Dean and Castiel are on the other end. Castiel, now a Winchester, says, “we must assemble our most powerful allies to rescue our family”. That is some powerful stuff. I remember not to long ago when he didn’t feel like he was apart of the team. He felt like all he ever did was make things worse for the Winchester’s.

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Cas has grown a lot over the season. In the scene when he’s in heaven waiting for the other Angels to answer about helping find Gabriel, we see Castiel laying on the couch, moving around, and touching things he probably shouldn’t. Whereas before, he would just stand motionless in one spot until called upon. It’s the little things we see showing he’s changed and adapting to living on earth.

It’s also great to see Ruth Connell reprising her role of Rowena Mccloud. She does a wonderful job of playing the flirty and slightly evil witch. Rowena also seemed to have grown as she’s no longer looking for power but rather redemption and her son. Has Rowena really grown since coming into her power or is she up to something more sinister?

I can’t be sure, she seems a lot like her son Crowley. They adapt and overcome any obstacle, so if they need to manipulate Sam and Dean to get things done they will. Although,in the end, Crowley’s death was noble and for all the evil in him he did care for the Winchesters. So if Rowena really wants to show her love for him she will honor his death by helping Sam and Dean.

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