Supernatural’s Unfinished Business: A tale of Gabriel and the Trickster


Supernatural Unfinished Business is about Archangel Gabriel’s kill list, his back story, a Nephilim coming into his powers and getting to cocky, and lastly the Winchesters tracking down Gabriel and getting his help one way or another.

The hunt for their last hope to get to Apocalypse-World Gabriel has led them to Colorado. Thinking that this will take them days to track him down Sam, begin unpacking only to have a knock at the door moments later where a weaken bloody Gabriel stands on the other side.

After Sam patches the angel up, we learn he’s been in a fight with a Norse demigod and that’s not the only one Gabriel intend to take on. Gabriel’s on a mission to get revenge on everyone who had a part in his capture and torture by the hands of Asmodeus. This is where we get the back story we’ve been waiting for. How Gabriel went from Archangel to the god of tricks, Loki.

It all started thousand of years ago when Gabriel finds Loki chained and bound in a cave with a snake dripping venom in his eye. Loki’s put there by his angry father Odin. Gabriel, knowing how father’s can be, helps the god Loki. When Lucifer was set free from the cage and starts kicking the apocalypse, Gabriel wanted no part in it.

His only hope to stay out of it is to go into hiding so he goes to Loki for help since he owed him one. Loki, having his own family drama decides to help Gabriel by giving him his face and teaching him how to be the trickster if Gabriel stayed out of the whole apocalypse thing.

Supernatural — “Unfinished Business” — Courtesy of The CW

Gabriel agrees, and the trickster was born until he messed with the wrong boy’s. Sam and Dean have a way of making people believe in them and their cause. Gabriel is no different and against his better judgement he joins team “free will.” This lead to the death of Odin Loki’s father and what we thought was the death of Gabriel by Lucifer’s hands. After tricking every one of his death, he goes back to Loki for help only to have Loki and his son’s sell him off to Asmodeus. Now that Gabriel is free he won’t stop until he makes them all pay.

Sam believes that if they help a weakened Gabriel get his vengeance, he’ll in return help them save their family and aid in the upcoming war. Dean is reluctant because he knows their path of vengeance has gotten everyone they know and love killed. To keep this from getting out of hand and one of them getting killed, Dean tries to take on Loki by himself which leads Sam to believe that Dean doesn’t want him in this fight.

Mean while in Apocalypse World Jack and Mary are making head way in the war against the Archangel Michael. Having won three battles and taken out some of Michael’s top men, Jack feels unstoppable so when he learns that Michael’s camp has moved Jack wants to storm off and find out what he is up to. Mary Winchester warns Jack it could be a trap and that they should wait for reinforcements but Jack being high on winning will not listen and goes anyways. That is where it all goes wrong, and Jack learns that even though they are winning he is still learning about war and his powers.

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Unfinished Business is jammed packed full of information and fight scenes. I feel the episode is made to get you pumped up and prepared for the battle that the Winchesters and gang are in for. Unfinished Business seemed like a big project for Richard Speight Jr., as he not only directs but also plays the roles of archangel Gabriel and Loki. It was beautifully done.

One thing getting me excited for these next three episodes is the ending scene when Sam confronts Dean about Dean putting him on the sidelines like he isn’t capable of fighting the big bad. Dean tells Sammy it’s his job to protect his baby brother and that he doesn’t care what happens to himself and never has. Which we’ve seen play out over and over but this time Sam shuts that down by telling him they’ll save Mary and Jack together, they will stop Michael together, they will face whatever comes their way together, and if they die, they do that together. I feel if Dean listens to Sam and goes in this fight, they do this together while minding a better chance of saving everyone is possible.

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