Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo’s heartwarming messages to fans


Recently, Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo took to Instagram with special messages for the Ash vs Evil Dead fans. Grab some tissues!

“I won’t say goodbye my friend. For you and I will meet again.” – Tom Petty

Ray’s Message

Last week before the finale, Ray Santiago aka Pablo Simon Bolivar took to Instagram to thank the fans of Ash vs Evil Dead. In a heartwarming message, he conveyed how much he appreciated them watching the show and for accepting him into the franchise.

Pablito is a fan favorite and when it appeared as if he might have met his untimely demise in Season 2, viewers immediately sprang into action. Social media became flooded with concerned tweets and posts on Facebook wanting to know if he would survive.

This popularity continued into Season 3. Of course, one of the storylines that everyone was looking forward to was the possibility of the “hook up” between his character and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo). This affair was 3 years in the making and fingers were crossed everywhere that this event would take place.

One of the goals of being a performer is to make an impression on your respective audience. Ray certainly achieved that over his tenure with AVED. Fans tuned in to see if he would survive being tortured by Ruby and if he would ever win the heart of his girl.

It is that investment that drives actors to give their all when playing roles. Ray’s Pablo is imprinted deeply on the hearts of the series viewers that if a spinoff were to happen, no one but him would ever be able to portray El Brujo Especial.

In case you missed it, here is the link to his thoughtful communication:

He also had some inspirational parting words. “No one ever dies in Ash vs Evil Dead.

Dana’s Turn

Much like Ray, Dana DeLorenzo is a perennial fan favorite as well. In Season 3, her character Kelly Maxwell really came into her own. She was given so many opportunities to shine and she nailed each and every one of them.

Yesterday on Twitter and Instagram, Dana sent her fans a visual love letter thanking them for pestering Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell for twenty-five years to get Ash vs Evil Dead made. She also expressed her appreciation for the audience embracing her and taking her groovy journey with her.

And oh, what a glorious ride it was! Viewers got to see Kelly grow into that badass warrior that we all knew she had in her since the first season. She also exhibited her softer side. When Kelly thought she lost her beloved Pablo the outpouring of emotion made everyone grieve with her.

Dana is now firmly entrenched in AVED lore so that it would be inconceivable to have anyone other than her playing Kelly Maxwell in the future. She made this role her own and that is every actor and actress’ dream.

Her love for her fans is apparent and they adore her as well. This show is a once in a lifetime deal. It was like a rare alignment of planets.

Ghostbeaters Forever

Talented individuals coming together at a point in time to create remarkable art. Not only is Ash vs Evil Dead unforgettable so are the actors and actresses who immersed themselves in their roles to make viewers believe that Elk Grove actually existed.

In the end, thank you Ray and Dana for giving us three incredible seasons of Pablo and Kelly. They are part of television history now and we are so glad we got to know them. Ghostbeaters forever.

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