Dana DeLorenzo: As long as I don’t hit Lucy Lawless in the face, I’m good!

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Dana DeLorenzo – Kaya as Kelly – Courtesy of STARZ

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dana DeLorenzo yesterday at 1428 Elm about life after Ash vs Evil Dead, Lucy Flawless, her love for her fans and her promising future.

“Just know that I love you.” – Dana DeLorenzo

Forever Kelly Maxwell

Dana DeLorenzo – Forever Kelly Maxwell – Courtesy of STARZ

I have had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Dana DeLorenzo, (the fabulous actress that brought Kelly Maxwell to life on Ash vs Evil Dead) several times now. She is like a whirlwind of positive energy. No matter what kind of day you are having, if you speak with her, it is instantly made better.

It is the first week after the last episode of Ash vs Evil Dead aired on STARZ. At 1428 Elm, we sat down with Dana to reminisce about her experiences on the show, her respect for Lucy Flawless, her love for her fans and her promising future.

The Interview

The Memories

Dana DeLorenzo – The Memories – Courtesy of Dana DeLorenzo – Twitter

1428 Elm: Hey, Dana! Great to speak with you again! Thanks so much for doing this interview with us. You have been sharing a lot of behind the scenes moments and personal remembrances of Ash vs Evil Dead to help fans cope with the cancellation of the show. I know you said that you are sentimental. When you do a show for so many seasons, you bond with the cast and the crew. Was it difficult to say so long?

Dana DeLorenzo: I grew up playing sports at a very young age so I am like the most annoying person on any team. I am obsessed with comradery and so I bonded with people that I shot a commercial with in one day. Before you know it, I am inviting them to Thanksgiving.

We didn’t know that the show was going to be done for good. When we were filming Season 3 we just knew it hadn’t been picked up. We treated every season like our last.

I felt that everyone involved did that in the best way. We didn’t hold back. We had to keep topping ourselves every year.

I am always sad to leave New Zealand and my Kiwis. Because I swear to God when I retire I am just going to move there. I will just live on the beach and make jewelry.

It’s like summer camp. I never went to camp but that’s what I relate it to in my head. You are with these people all day, every day because you like each other so much that even on your down time on the weekends you are always getting dinner, hanging out or Bruce (Campbell) was renting a boat for all of us and the crew.

Hugging It Out

Dana DeLorenzo – Hugging it Out -Arielle Carver-O’Neill – Lindsay Farris- Courtesy of Dana DeLorenzo on Twitter

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DD (Cont.): Sure, it was hard to leave. Now it’s even harder for me to let it sink in because I’ve been so busy with stuff. I felt it for the first time on Sunday, it really kind of hit me in a very hard way.

So, I am posting all these behind the scenes things for the fans but I am also posting them for me.

It’s been hard but honestly, it’s a bittersweet feeling because you know what? We’re lucky that this show even got made. We have such amazing fans of this franchise because they pestered Bruce and Sam (Raimi) for 25 years for something new.

They just kept asking them for the next Evil Dead. With this day and age in television with all of the platforms that are available, we were lucky to last a season. I just wanted to say how grateful I am to the fans and to the network and everybody that we at least got three badass seasons. I think we all have to sort of hug it out.

It’s Cyclical

Dana DeLorenzo – Cyclical – Courtesy of Dana DeLorenzo – Twitter

1428 Elm: Studying trends in entertainment, it appears that everything is cyclical. It seems like quite a few horror comedy series have had problems with getting confirmation on renewals. Did you ever feel that maybe horror was becoming less popular on television?

DD: Not at all. To be honest, I don’t think horror has ever gone out of style. It’s timeless. If I remember correctly from my media classes at DePaul University, horror is the number one genre. Everyone likes to go on dates to horror films because you get scared and you get the adrenalin rush.

It translates no matter what because there are no language barriers. You can be scared in every language so there is no need for subtitles.