Freddy Friday: Would Elm Street remake be better with Robert Englund?


Whether you love the Elm Street series or not, you probably agree the remake is pretty bad. But would it be better with Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger?

A Nightmare on Elm Street’s remake is pretty terrible. But could Robert Englund have made it better?

Remakes Rage On

When the aughts begin, there’s a rise fans aren’t prepared for. Beginning with The Ring — which most mainstream fans don’t even know is a redo — remakes litter the decade. While some are decent, a few being stellar, most are cash grabbing featuring familiar titles and little substance. The 2010 remake of the seminal slasher, Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, is in the latter category.

With today being Freddy Friday, I’ve been thinking what could’ve made the dream demon’s return better. In the years following its release, I’ve seen many fans saying Robert Englund should’ve never been replaced. But would the original Freddy really make a significant difference?

A Nightmare on Elm Street — Courtesy of New Line Cinema

Your Worst Nightmare

It’s no secret the Elm Street remake is utter crap. I hate to be crass, but the world moves fast and there’s little room for fluffery. The film does so much wrong it’s hard to gather them all without missing a few work days.

From leaning on a Tina replacement too long then killing her quickly (the original doesn’t take long getting Nancy involved) to teasing a creation-of-monster storyline only to abandon it, the movie is awful. And don’t get me started in the whole Freddy can get you while you’re awake in a fog bit. But of all it’s mistakes, would the original Freddy in the mix help?

Less Hip Then Hypnocil

While it’s easy to think Robert Englund again donning the fedora would help, it wouldn’t. I love Englund as much as the rest but he doesn’t help The Dream Child or Freddy’s Dead from being pretty bad. Those movies are terrible, although The Dream Child features solid direction and Freddy’s Dead is fun in a get friends together and make a drinking game out of it kind of way. So just because the original Freddy is in a movie doesn’t mean it’s gonna be good.

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Freddy Takes The Rorschach Test

Although a new actor plays Freddy Krueger for the first time, Jackie Earl Haley is far from the problem. After turning heads as Rorschach in 2009’s Watchmen and a small role in Martin Scorsese’s underrated Shutter Island (came out two months before the remake), Haley does what’s necessary as Krueger. In fact, Earl’s casting and his subsequent performance is the only thing going for the remake.

So no, regardless what dreaming may be causing fans to feel Englund could’ve made a difference, he wouldn’t. This remake was doomed long before anyone was set to play the Springwood Slasher.

This has been another edition of Freddy Friday. We’ll see you next week on Elm Street.

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Fan of the Elm Street franchise? Think Robert Englund could’ve made the remake better? Let the other sleepers know what you think in the comment section below.