Why Friday the 13th is the best movie to watch on Mother’s Day


While Friday the 13th is full of blood, but it’s also full of heart when not pulling them out of counselor’s chests. It’s also the best Mother’s Day movie.

What does Friday the 13th have to do with Mother’s Day? I’m glad you asked…

Sunday the 13th

While it’s not Friday, today still the 13th of the month. While Mother’s Day isn’t always on the 13th, I’m taking this opportunity to highlight how the original Friday the 13th is the perfect film to watch on the family holiday. Sure, there are a dozen films utilizing a mother’s love to tell their narratives. But among them, the first trip to Camp Crystal Lake stands above them all.

Friday the 13th — Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Nothing Deadlier Than A Mother’s Love

Breaking the classic down to its essential ingredients, the lives lost in Friday the 13th are in the name of love. The death of her baby boy, Jason Voorhees, wreaks havoc on camp cook Pamela. Feeling lost and alone in a world moving on, the woman decides taking matters into her own hands is best. Not only for her own piece of mind, but so no one will ever feel the pain running through her mind, body and soul.

Kill Her Mommy Kill Her

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And does she ever. After contaminating the water ’62 to prevent Crystal Lake from reopening, Mrs. Voorhees enjoys years of knowing no kids are drowning at the camp. When Steve Christy attempts to open the camp back up, Pamela realizes to keep Crystal Lake ever making a resurgence, she’ll have to kill again. The woman’s killed in the name of Jason before — she’s fully prepared to do it again.

After murdering a fellow cook, the one coming to feed the new group of kids soon enjoying Crystal Lake, Pamela kills almost everyone trying to get the camp up and running. It’s all in the name of her son and how she’ll do anything to avenge his death while shielding other parents from possible pain. Mrs. Voorhees is eventually killed by Alice, the resilient girl who’s unsure if she should even been there. After one of film’s all-time best battles on the lake shore, Pamela is beheaded. She’s willing to go this far for the memory and love of young Jason.

Happy Smother’s Day

While you shouldn’t be killing people for your kids, mothers everywhere can’t deny having empathy for her situation. A mother’s love is about the strongest bond there is and most would do anything to protect their children. So, watch Friday the 13th today and think about your mother. Or do so if you’re a mother yourself. Although you may not admit it, you’ll find a small part of Pamela Voorhees lurking deep within yourself. We understand loving your kids or mother, just keep that bowie knife away from body parts.

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