The X-Files: Top 5 mythology episodes from the series

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Christmas Carol

The X-Files – Christmas Carol – Courtesy of Fox

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This is the episode before Emily where we find Scully at home in San Diego during the holidays. She feels incredibly out of place. The news of her brother and his wife expecting has put her in a bit of a funk. Out of the blue, she receives a mysterious call from someone who sounds incredibly like her deceased sister, Melissa.

The message is unnerving, “She needs your help.” Spooked, she gets her friend at the FBI to trace the call. It comes back as being registered to the Sims household.

Scully has no idea who they are but when she arrives at the house there is quite a bit of police activity. She finds out that Mrs. Sims has committed suicide. When she sees Mr. Sims and his daughter, Emily, she is stopped dead in her tracks. Emily is the spitting image of Melissa.

Dana returns to her brother’s house. In the middle of the night, she receives another strange call. This time she is told to “go to her.” Scully arrives at the house again only to be told by Mr. Sims that no one used their phone.

From her vantage point, she can see two men in dark suits sitting at the kitchen table. Her curiosity piqued, Dana requests info on Mrs. Sims as well as Melissa to see if there are any similarities.

After performing an autopsy on Sims, she finds out that prior to her death she was injected in the heel. Her husband claimed after the hypodermic needle was found in the trash that it was for Emily’s treatments since she is anemic.

My Daughter, Myself

Dana has a test done on Emily and she finds out that the little girl’s DNA matches Melissa’s. So, Scully infers that perhaps when her sister was out of touch with the family that is when the birth may have occurred. This information prompts Scully to try and adopt Emily.

Mr. Sims ends up confessing to murder even though he had witnesses claiming he didn’t do anything. Meanwhile, Scully finds out that the family was receiving money over a year from Prangen Industries, a pharmaceutical company. When she investigates why the funds were being received one of the staff members, Dr. Calderon explains that Emily was participating in a trial run.

In the end, Scully finds out that her application to adopt Emily has been rejected and that the girl is being taken away by Social Services. She also receives the news that she is Emily’s mother not Melissa. In a heartbreaking scene, Dana gives Emily her prized possession, the cross necklace she received from her father.

This was predominantly Gillian Anderson’s episode and she owned it. All of Scully’s life has been about her career but now she is forced into taking a look at what she is missing. The regret that she is feeling is very tangible and this particular show will leave you with a feeling of melancholy.

Erlenmeyer Flask

The X-Files – The Erlenmeyer Flask- Courtesy of Fox

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Erlenmeyer Flask was the Season 1 finale. In this particular episode, we were introduced to the idea of alien DNA hybrids, clones and we even got a glimpse of a fetus! Deep Throat (Jerry Hardin) plays a crucial role by setting Mulder off on his journey to discover the truth about a secret government project.

Dr. Secare (Simon Webb) ends up in a car chase with the police. Although he is shot, he manages to escape leaving a trail of green blood behind him. At the urging of his source, Mulder and Scully investigate what happened.

Through their research they end up at the home of Dr. Berube (Ken Kramer) because his car was the one that Secare was driving. Of course, he doesn’t answer their inquiries. However, after Mulder and Scully leave he is killed by a mysterious man.

The next day, Fox and Dana are called to the scene where the erlenmeyer flask is found. It is labeled, “Purity Control.” Mulder gives it to Scully so she can have it analyzed.

In the meantime, Fox answers a phone call at Berube’s house pretending to be him. It is Dr. Secare who tells him about the secret government project. Mulder arrives at an abandoned warehouse called Zeus Storage.

He enters to find five grown men in stasis tanks. They are suspended in green fluid and they all look alike. While he is making this discovery, Scully is receiving the results from the flask. She is told that Purity Control is bacteria of an extraterrestrial origin.

Purity Control Is the Answer

Now all the pieces are starting to come together and it appears like humans are being experimented on with the ET virus. Anyone that can be of importance to Mulder and Scully figuring out the mystery is systematically killed off.

First the lab technician that analyzed Purity Control is killed in a car accident. Then Secare is shot by one of the men in suits. As it just so happens, Mulder is talking with him at the time of his murder. The noxious green fumes emitted from his wounds knock Fox out so that he is captured.

Scully finds herself in the Purity Control containment facility on credentials given by Deep Throat. He is also trying to broker Mulder’s release by having Dana remove a fetus from the lab. Using that as the bargaining chip, Fox is released only to have his source shot and killed before him.

Jerry Hardin’s death was definitely unexpected and came at you like a sucker punch to the gut. But this episode really highlighted the beginning of the conspiracy along with the experimentation that would play such an integral role in the series to come.