Ray Santiago wraps filming on Into the Dark – The Body for Blumhouse


Yesterday, shooting on The Body, the first installment in Blumhouse’s Into the Dark horror anthology series ended and we have the details at 1428 Elm.

“He’s a little bit different but you’re going to see my eyes bulging out of my head, just like Pablo. In the sense that I am trying to escape being tortured.” -Ray Santiago on his character in the Body

Turn Off the Lights

Yesterday, Paul Fischer one of the writers on The Body, (the first installment of Blumhouse’s horror anthology series, Into the Dark) took to Twitter to announce the last day of shooting on the project. He also had high praise for everyone involved in the production.

As fans of Ray Santiago (Pablo from Ash vs Evil Dead) know he has been cast in that film as Jack. When he spoke with us here at 1428 Elm he gave us some insight into his character. Let’s just say he is the polar opposite of El Brujo Especial.

“I play a young Hollywood wannabe visual effects maker who is also creating a virtual reality experience. He’s a trust fund kid. My character is sort of high strung, kind of an asshole. He reminds me of Matthew Lillard in Scream.”

He also went on to tease the plot of the episode. “There is a party on Halloween and a bunch of crazy things happen to Jack and his friends.” Of course, like the title suggests, a body plays a key role in the action. Think of it as a scarier version of Weekend at Bernie’s and you are right on track.

Life after Ash vs Evil Dead

Since the cancellation of AVED, people have been very interested in the careers of the Ghostbeaters. Rest assured, Ray is definitely doing his part to keep things creepy. According to Fischer, “Aurora Perrineau, Ray and David Hull- they’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, they’ll make you s*** your pants on their behalf.”

Evidently, this show will be chockful of horrifying moments. Fischer also had this to say to us specifically about Santiago’s performance. “Oh, he struts. And then he terrified -struts which is something I didn’t know existed but I think Ray may have patented. I apologize to him and to the editor for all the takes we ruined because he made us laugh in the middle of them. “

Into the Dark is a very daring effort by Blumhouse because installments of the series are the length of a feature film. So, basically the viewers will get treated to a horror movie the first Friday of every month according to Indie Wire.

The Body was originally a short film that was co-written by director Paul Davis and Paul Fischer. When can fans catch Ray in his first post-AVED endeavor? October 5 on Hulu. Mark your calendars everyone because you won’t want to miss this!

Are you excited about Ray’s first gig after AVED? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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