Friday the 13th game’s single player mode feels just like the films


The newly-added Single Player Challenges in Friday the 13th: The Game perfectly manage to capture the spirit of the movies in the film franchise.

I want a feature length film with the cast of the video game!

We’re not going to see Jason Voorhees back in theaters anytime soon. A seemingly never-ending court battle currently has the rights to the series up in the air. But the killing sprees in Crystal Lake continue in the world of video games with Gun Media and Illfonic’s Friday the 13th: The Game.

About a year after the initial launch of the game, an all new mode has recently been added free of charge. The “Single Player Challenges” will let players take on the role of Jason to carry out murders in ways inspired by scenes from the actual films. With more than one way to achieve that goal, the mode offers various achievements and unlockables to give each scenario a bit of replay value.

Friday the 13th: The Game, from Gun Media and Illfonic

Looks like Adam’s gonna miss the “hot chicks at the party.”

What separates this mode from Friday the 13th‘s core gameplay is that it’s much more movie-like. In multiplayer matches, the game starts after Jason makes his presence known, so you’re essentially playing out the third act of the movie. These new challenges feature counselors who don’t yet know they’re being hunted, letting Jason players literally stalk victims and carry out murders more methodically.

But what I love about these new challenges most of all would be the dialogue, voice acting, and cut scenes. A mini-storyline is introduced at the start of each scenario, actually giving some entertaining personalities to the characters. And just like in the films, the challenges come complete with their own quotable lines, such as when Mitch tells AJ, “You’re harshin’ my high, babe,” after she freaks him out with a fake scream.

I’m very much enjoying these new challenges and I’m still working my way towards netting every unlockable. I haven’t seen any word as to whether this is it for the new mode or whether more challenges will be made for a future DLC, but I certainly hope to see more some day. Essentially, these are playable Friday the 13th  mini-movies, and as a fan, I’m having far too much fun with them.

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Friday the 13th: The Game is available for purchase on PS4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam. The Single Player Challenges were recently added as part of a free update for all players. Find out more info at the official website.