IT: Chapter 2 — meet the full adult Losers’ Club!


IT: Chapter 2 is preparing to start filming, and every adult version of the kids in the Losers’ Club has been cast. Let’s take a look at each one!

We may not be getting the next IT movie until next year, but that doesn’t mean we’re not already stoked. Last year’s first film from Andy Muschietti changed the entire landscape of horror, making IT: Chapter 2 one of the most anticipated upcoming films of all. And now with the full cast for the sequel being set, we know exactly who we’ll be seeing as the grown-up versions of the Losers’ Club children.

While we wait for the film to release on Sep. 6, 2019, let’s take a look at each adult member of our Losers’ Club!

Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images, New Line

This casting choice is probably the least surprising of them all. Prior to its announcement, many fantasy casting articles on the web dreamed of Jessica Chastain in the role, and even the director referred to the actress as a “top choice” to play Beverly. Sometimes the consensus is right, however, as Chastain is an amazing actress who looks the part, making her perfect for the role.

Bill Hader as Richie Tozier

Photo: Showtime, New Line

Mostly known for his run on Saturday Night Live, funnyman Bill Hader probably wasn’t one of the first names most people would think of when casting IT: Chapter 2. But given that he’s playing the “jokester” of the Losers’ Club, it does make sense. Hader looks enough like Finn Wolfhard to make the casting believable, and his acting prowess on Barry proves he’s got the talent as well.

James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough

Photo: Boo George, New Line

As the de facto “leader” of the Losers’ Club who grows up to be a successful author, Bill is of course an important member of the group. Many horror fans were delighted to learn that James McAvoy would be taking the role on, following his acclaimed performance in Split. You’ll certainly find no complaints here about this casting choice.

Andy Bean as Stanley Uris

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, New Line

Played by Wyatt Olef in IT: Chapter 1, our grown-up version of Stan will be portrayed by Here and Now actor Andy Bean. Those unfamiliar with his previous acting work can still see how much he looks like an adult Stanley.

James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak

Photo: imdb, New Line

I will say this casting choice is the most impressive of them all when judging from appearances alone. If you compare the original Eddie, Jake Dylan Grazer, with our new Eddie, James Ransone, you could swear it was the same person 30 years later. It’s not hard to see how Ransone nabbed the role.

Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom

Photo: EW, New Line

Unlike some entries on this list, Jay Ryan’s casting as Ben requires just a little more stretching of the imagination. This one may perhaps be the most surprising choice, though that’s not to say it’s implausible. People can change a lot after three decades, and it’s also what happens in the book.

Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon

Photo: Old Spice, New Line

Finally, Isaiah Mustafa’s casting as Mike Hanlon was just announced by Variety, finalizing IT: Chapter 2‘s Losers’ Club. Though he can be seen on the Freeform series Shadowhunters, Mustafa is best known as the “Old Spice Guy.” That will obviously change in 2019 when he takes over the role originally played by Chosen Jacobs.

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IT: Chapter 2 premieres in theaters on Sep. 6, 2019. What do you think of the new Losers’ Club? Do you agree with every casting choice? Sound off with your opinions in the comments below!