Friday the 13th: Lawyer Shelly reveals why legal battle isn’t all Victor Miller


Friday the 13th Part III’s Larry Zerner is now an entertainment lawyer and explaining why the franchise’s ongoing halt isn’t really Victor Miller’s fault.

The future of Friday the 13th is in limbo. But the man getting all the hate isn’t entirely at fault…

A few days ago, Gun Media began crumbling fans everywhere by announcing an indefinite halt on new Friday the 13th: The Game DLC. With the Grendel map and Uber Jason on the way, the news was devastating to fans — myself somewhere close to the top of the list.

After fans began hurling insults toward original writer Victor Miller, who’s fighting for ownership, things got ugly. You see, this lawsuit’s been going on for some time and is now effecting everything the franchise touches. While it’s easy to blame Miller, this quick judgement is ill-informed. According to Bloody-Disgusting, Part III’s Larry Zerner, who’s now an entertainment lawyer, is explaining on Twitter how Miller’s not necessarily the one to blame.

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Thanks Larry. Who knew Shelly would put down his bag of gags and pick up a law book or two?

While admittedly a little confused about the lawsuit, I’m now angry with Sean Cunningham. Miller isn’t denying what the 1979 agreement states, the writer is simply trying to get a piece of what he helped create. Sure, it’s a burdon on fans who made this into what is it but there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t be doing as Miller is. He’s just trying to get a fair share.

Moreover, maybe Sean should have been thinking about fans when he let Gun Media have to the game rights while knowing of the lawsuit. He’s known for two years a deal between the two was necessary for the series to continue smoothly — yet he’s foolishly suing. So instead of directing your frustration at Miller, send it to the man who is just delaying the inevitable.

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