Happy Father’s Day: The five best fathers in horror history

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1) Lee Abbott (John Krasinski)– A Quiet Place (2018)

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place — Courtesy of Paramount Pictur

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Coming in at numero uno on our list of best dad in horror is Lee Abbot. From the recent smash hit, A Quiet Place, it doesn’t get better than Abbot. Played by co-writer/director John Krasinski, what Abbot does for his family can’t be overstated. Constantly keeping his family quiet yet happy, for their own good, Abbot works to find his def daughter a way to hear.

On top of that, his wife is pregnant and he must devise a plan to have the baby born without being taken along with his wife by hungry creatures. Eventually, the father of two (or four counting the opening loss and the unborn baby) sacrifices himself to save his kids. Because, in the end, only real parents will give up everything for their offspring. And Lee Abbot is the best of them.

So what are your favorite dads in horror? There are other great fathers in the genre, which do you like? Happy Father’s Day to the ones who deserve it. You fellas kick all kinds of arse.

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