Ash vs Evil Dead: 6 episodes submitted for Emmy consideration


The Emmy mailer from STARZ has gone out to Academy members. At 1428 Elm, we have the Ash vs Evil Dead episodes that have been submitted for consideration.

“That’s right. I’m all grown up now.” – Demon Ash


Cream of the Crop

Voting for this year’s Emmy contenders is underway. Nominations will be made on July 12. Thanks to Goldy Derby, we know the Ash vs Evil Dead episodes that have been submitted for Academy consideration.

After three seasons, STARZ cancelled the Bruce Campbell series. On April 29, the final episode aired on the network. Shortly thereafter, the actor declared his retirement from the character that he played for close to four decades.

Fortunately, the hard work that the cast, crew and production staff put into the splatstick fan favorite has the potential of being nominated for several gold statues. A month ago, at 1428 Elm, we reported that all of the actors were on the list of candidates submitted for honors.

With so many well-done episodes to choose from here is the list that the Academy members can vote on.

The Nominees

“Family” (#3·01)

Ash vs Evil Dead – Family – 2 – Courtesy of STARZ

This was the first episode of Season 3 where we go back to Elk Grove and find out what the Ghostbeaters have been up to since evil was vanquished. Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) is the reigning town hero and the owner of Ashy Slashy’s Hardware Store and Sex Emporium.

Pablo (Ray Santiago) is the proprietor of Pablito’s Fish and Chips and a part-time employee of Ash’s store. Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) is the bouncer at a dive bar trying to forge her path. She has also joined forces with a Knight of Sumeria, named Dalton (Lindsay Farris).

For a while, life is idyllic but that doesn’t last for long when Ruby (Lucy Lawless) blows back into town to claim the Necronomicon and wreaking havoc. While this is going on, Ash finds out that he fathered a child with a woman that he married for one hour in Branson, Missouri. His wife is Candy Barr (Katrina Hobbs).

His daughter Brandy (Arielle Carver O’Neill) is in danger and he has to go on a mission to save her. The demon world is back and it is going to be up to the Ghostbeaters to keep the world safe.

“Apparently Dead” (#3·03)

Ash vs Evil Dead – Apparently Dead – Lee Majors and Bruce Campbell – Courtesy of STARZ

Veteran television actor, Lee Majors reappears as Ash’s father, Brock Williams. Thanks to Ruby, she resurrects him to help drive a wedge between Ash and his daughter, Brandy. Meanwhile, Kelly, Pablo and Dalton go searching for the Kandarian dagger at the remains of the cabin to help in the fight against evil.

Things go horribly awry with their efforts when Dalton is turned into a demon. Before he can harm Kelly, Pablo smashes into him with the pick-up truck.

In addition to an awesome fight between Campbell and Majors, this episode contains a great clip of Lucy Lawless and Bruce singing “Kids” from the musical, Bye, Bye, Birdie.

“Baby Proof” (#3·05)

Ash vs Evil Dead – Baby Proof – Bruce Campbell – Courtesy of STARZ

Have you ever seen a demon baby take over the body of a headless corpse? Me neither but it happens in this episode. Ash goes to Ruby’s house to confront her. Instead he is met with his “mini me” and Heidi (Samantha Young).

Pablo transforms into a demon after his run-in with Dalton in the woods and terrorizes Kelly and Brandy. When Brandy stabs him with the Kandarian dagger, he gets transported into the netherworld where he meets his Brujo uncle (Hemky Madera).

His uncle gives him the ultimate choice between good and evil. Pablo chooses wisely and becomes El Brujo Especial. While all this is happening, Ash is dealing with Ruby’s demon spawn who keeps eluding him before he can “capture” him.

In the end, he battles the baby who takes over Heidi’s corpse and the two have a fight scene like nothing that has ever been done before in the history of television.

“Twist and Shout” (#3·07)

Ash vs Evil Dead – Twist and Shout – Ray Santiago and Bruce Campbell – Courtesy of STARZ

Two Ashes are better than one. The demon baby is all grown up and now he faces off with Ash while Brandy is at the prom at her high school to confront Ms. Prevett (Ruby). Literally, all hell breaks loose as Evil Ash runs amuck killing people with his chainsaw.

Pablo shows up at the school to help Ash but ends up getting into an altercation with Kaya (the demon who has possessed Kelly’s body). After escaping her, he runs right into the clutches of Evil Ash and the two duke it out.

Of course, everyone thinks it is Ash doing the damage and annihilating everyone. Which is Ruby’s plan in the hope that Brandy will turn against her father. She ends up believing Prevett (Ruby). Thinking that Ash is truly demonic, she almost kills him.

Ash and Ruby face off. She directs his chainsaw into her so it looks like he is murdering her. Appalled, Brandy thinks that her Dad is a killer psychopath. She charges at him with the Kandarian dagger.

When she looks into his eyes and sees that it is Ash and not his doppelganger, she tosses the dagger near Ruby. As quick as lightning, Ruby grabs it and hurls it at Brandy stabbing her in the back. She dies in Ash’s arms.

“Judgment Day” (#3·09)

Ash vs Evil Dead – Judgment Day – Courtesy of STARZ

After saving his daughter from the Deadlands in the rift, Ash is tasked with retrieving Kelly from Ruby’s house. Pablo is trying to protect Brandy per Ash’s instructions. However, Brandy is busy fighting her cell phone in her Dad’s shed because it is possessed.

Ash surprises Kaya/Kelly and gets her in a hold. He and Ruby go back and forth until they end up in a fight. Ruby bends his chainsaw. Before this altercation can get any more out of hand, the Dark Ones appear.

They extract Kaya from Kelly’s body and burn her alive. Then they go after Ruby and turn her into a pile of dust. While this is happening, Ash grabs the Necronomicon and Kelly’s body.

While her father is fighting the Demon Queen, Brandy is conjuring her old man up as she battles her cell phone. She ends up defeating it with a plow. United with Pablo they speed off in the Gremlin to find Ash.

Everyone meets up in town just in time to see the beginning of the end of Elk Grove and life on this earth as we know it.

“The Mettle of Man” (#3·10)

Ash vs Evil Dead – The Mettle of Man – Bruce Campbell – Courtesy of STARZ

The end of the series finds Ash at war with not only the forces of evil but himself. The stoic hero has a bit of a breakdown and a question of faith. After Brandy tells him to get it together he bounces back.

With Kelly secure in her body again, it is all hands-on deck as Elk Grove is in chaos and martial law is declared. The Dark Ones have conjured up the evil to end all evil. Kandar the Destroyer is set to eliminate the town and all of humanity.

Ash rises to the occasion and doesn’t run from this battle. He secures the safety of his daughter and the Ghostbeaters to fight the demon alone. After commandeering a tank, he attempts to run Kandar down.

Almost failing, he ends up killing the beast with a rigged torpedo. However, he is injured. Dragged to safety by the Knights of Sumeria, he is placed in stasis. After sufficient time has passed, Ash wakes up in the future to fight the Dark Ones again.

Fingers crossed for good news on July 12. It would be a great way to end this incarnation of the franchise with several nominations. The Emmys will air on September 17.

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