Lindsay Farris and Ray Santiago on reviving Ash vs Evil Dead


SyFy Wire spoke with Lindsay Farris and Ray Santiago at the Saturn Awards. Could Ash vs Evil Dead experience a revival? The responses from both actors was very interesting.

“Dear STARZ, I notice these characters are still alive. Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we keep that all rolling along? The New Adventures of the Ghostbeaters.” – Bruce Campbell

More Ghostbeaters Adventures in the Future?

Last week at Fandemic Tour in Sacramento, much to the chagrin of his panel audience, Bruce Campbell reiterated that he was “retired from playing Ash, forever.” The actor was very adamant about his position. That being said, he did encourage fans that if they wanted more adventures with the Ghostbeaters to let STARZ know.

At the Saturn Awards in Burbank, SyFy Wire spoke with Lindsay Farris (Dalton) and Ray Santiago (Pablo) about the odds of Ash vs Evil Dead returning in some form. When we spoke with Ray in May at 1428 Elm, he was willing to reprise his role as El Brujo Especial stating that, “I will always want to keep Pablo alive and keep the Ghostbeaters alive, as well as the franchise.”

That being said he seemed less hopeful that the show could be revived telling SyFy, “I’m 10% sure about something else.” Those odds don’t sound very promising. However, Lindsay Farris was more optimistic about a future endeavor.

The actor feels that there is more to be discovered in the Evil Dead universe. He would “love to explore the world of the Knights of Sumeria.” If a spin-off of some kind isn’t possible then Farris foresees that a film could be the way to go.

About that Evil Dead 2 Movie

Fede Alvarez has been in the news lately discussing the possibility of making Evil Dead 2 after an off-hand remark on Twitter about moving forward with the idea if Uruguay wins the World Cup caught the attention of the media.

However, don’t get too excited about a film happening immediately. Clarifying how the universe might advance, the director had this to say courtesy of Movie Web. Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell will continue the franchise when “there’s a story that has to be told, and it’s awesome, and it’s great, and better than anything that has been done before in that world.”

Alvarez also went on to state that “when we find that story, when we all agree on what it is, it will probably happen.” Who knows when that will occur? With his current schedule it is anyone’s guess.


For those fans of Ash vs Evil Dead that want to see what is happening with Dalton, Kelly, Pablo and Brandy follow Bruce Campbell’s advice. If STARZ gets enough requests for future stories, you never know what might happen!

In the end, AVED was a win for horror. An innovative series that dared to take on sitcoms and reality shows.

Next: Bruce Campbell: “I’ve retired from playing Ash…forever.”

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