Bruce Campbell: “I’ve retired from playing Ash…forever.”


Bruce Campbell was in Sacramento this past weekend for the opening of the new convention, Fandemic Tour. In his panel discussion with fans he revealed his future career plans and a suggestion for those wanting more Ash vs Evil Dead.

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” – Thomas Jefferson


This past weekend, Bruce Campbell was in Sacramento to kick off the brand-new convention, Fandemic Tour. Created by former Wizard World Entertainment CEO John Macaluso, celebrities, cosplayers and fans descended on the city for three excitement filled days.

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At his panel discussion, provided by Its Recording Time Media and Steven Alvarez on YouTube, Campbell was his typical wise-cracking self. Clad in a cerulean blue jacket, ascot and sporting shades he looked more like a yacht owner than an actor. For over thirty minutes, he entertained the audience with his quick-witted answers to their questions.

Unfortunately, those hoping someday Campbell would return to the role of Ashley J. Williams — those hopes were dashed. Responding to a woman who inquired if he was writing and if he had any new books on the horizon Bruce had this to say, “Yes, I have more books because I have retired from playing the character Ash, forever.”

This prompted several people to utter gasps of disbelief and one gentleman to utter, “Don’t say that!” However, the actor continued, “Don’t cry for me, Argentina. When an actor is young, they want to be under contract. And when they’re old, they want to be out from under the contract.”

While this wasn’t the answer that everyone expected to hear, it’s the truth. It’s time to move on. He’s not coming back and that is that.

The New Adventures of the Ghostbeaters

A young fan dressed as Ash asked Bruce, “What happens to Kelly, Pablo and Brandy after you send them away? Do they survive?” His reply serves as a suggestion for those enthusiasts that want to keep the series going.

“Click, click, click. Dear STARZ, I notice these characters are still alive. Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we keep that all rolling along? The New Adventures of the Ghostbeaters.” That sounds like a plan.

For those people who want to know what’s going on in that post-apocalyptic world where we last saw Ash and his posse, this is a great idea. In our interviews with Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago, both actors stated that they would be willing to reprise their roles.

Plus, if a script is written that’s suitable to Bruce, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, maybe Fede Alvarez could direct that crossover movie with Mia (Jane Levy) that everyone has been clamoring for since 2015. After all, it is the Evil Dead universe. Anything can happen…

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