Intruder turns out to be woman’s dead husband on crazy 911 call


In what appears to be a routine break in report at a police department turns out to be something far more complicated. Is this a case of time travel or a crazy prank?

“Come with me if you want to live.” – Kyle Reese

The Twilight Zone

Imagine if you will, sitting at home when you hear someone breaking in to your house. That experience is terrifying.

However, for a woman named Cathy it was going to take a turn for the bizarre. What started out as a routine 911 call turns into an episode of The Twilight Zone.

According to the Sunday Express, this wasn’t an ordinary crime. When Cathy saw who the intruder was that is when things got crazy. Fortunately,  Apex TV managed to capture the entire dispatch call on tape.

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At first, the operator asks her all the right questions, where she lives, was she alone and he keeps her on the phone talking so that she would remain calm. He also gives her instructions to stay in her bedroom.

When he asked her if she had a pet, instead of listening to him when he told her not to leave the safe area, she went looking for her cat. That is when she stumbled into the bathroom to find the criminal naked, bloody and in her bathtub.

After a few moments, we can hear her as she recognizes who the intruder is. She asks if it’s “John.” When the 911 professional inquires if she knows the perpetrator, Cathy responds, “He’s my husband. He died in 2001.”

As the perplexed dispatcher tries to sort this entire mess out, Cathy tells him that it isn’t her husband, although the guy resembles him with the same tattoo. Then she says he looks exactly like he did when they first met.

Reverse Terminator?

In The Terminator, the android played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is sent back in time from the future to kill Sarah Connor before she can give birth to the man who will lead the uprising against the machines.

The interesting part about this entire story is that Cathy’s husband, John claims to have come from the past to reveal secret government documents.

What is crazier than that explanation (next to being resurrected from the dead), is that he claims his future self went back in time to 1987 to tell his younger incarnation to travel forward in time.

Confused? I am too. Here is the same account from John’s point of view.

Now, listen to the original 911 call.

This entire scenario is so insane that it might have some truth to it or then again it might be an elaborately planned hoax. What do you believe?

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