Rotten Picks: The spoiled apples of horror franchises

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Hatchet 2 (2010)

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Even though the comedic element and gore were present in the first film, Hatchet 2 is really what set the tone for the rest of the franchise. It’s much gorier and focuses more on being funny to the point where it’s debatable whether or not it was taken seriously by anybody.

Adam Green has come up with an interesting story and a unique antagonist but, unfortunately, it’s drowned by the ridiculous amount of blood splashed everywhere. I prefer suspense and tension, however, there’s a way filmmakers can compliment suspense with flinch-inducing violence. That’s not the case here. Hardly any of the characters are likable anyway, and their deaths are too wacky for the audience to even care. The film must have mostly been an exercise to challenge the MPAA.

Psycho III (1986)

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Directed by Anthony Perkins, Psycho III’s style takes a noticeable turn from the first two. It’s sleazy, melodramatic and works as a soporific rather than a horror film. While the score is fascinating, Anthony Perkins’ Norman is incredible, and some of the scenes are awesome, this film is just not as good as it could have been. I do love the part where Tracy, the reporter, is being chased through the house by ‘mother’. Roberta Maxwell did a fantastic job and sold the fear.

Hellraiser: Revelations (2011)

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Straight up, this Hellraiser sequel is a joke. I’ve seen Marilyn Manson music videos that had better cinematography and direction than this. Hell, there are fan films that are delightfully superior in almost every aspect. This film belongs in one of those cheap-y 10 B-movie packs that Kmart carelessly tosses in a bargain bin every Halloween, and is perhaps the worst rotten pick on the list.

Jason X (2001)

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This was actually a difficult choice. The Friday the 13th franchise has some rather questionable entries. What makes Jason X the least effective however, is the lack of care put in. It was merely meant to exist to keep Jason relevant while Freddy Vs. Jason was being worked out.

This was reported to be the only idea Todd Farmer had pitched the studio, which is further proof of the lack of consideration. It’s filled with jokes and crappy CGI, so much so that it’s actually disappointing that the soundtrack didn’t consist of Space Age Love Song or Life On Mars to better its phoned in production value.  Jason’s look is sort of cool, but in a sort of knock-off, discount T-800 in a confused homemade Kiss costume sort of way.

The aforementioned rotten picks give Tommy Wiseau’s The Room a run for its money as “The worst film ever made.” It is perhaps important to note that, regardless of these films having little to no appeal, most are peculiarly enjoyable at parties, making for some pretty fun memories.

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