The Meg: 5 shark movies to watch before the film opens


5 top shark movies to indulge in before the summer blockbuster the MEG with Jason Statham opens next Friday, August 10, across the country.

Summer is synonymous with sun, vacations, beach days, and for horror fans, shark movies. This summer’s shark comes in the form of the sure to be blockbuster, The Meg. The Jason Statham vehicle is already generating great buzz and looks like a perfect summer ride. Though the idea of an oversized killer Megalodon may seem off putting to some, for horror lovers, it’s pure movie bait.

But with Shark Week officially over, (and frankly, leaving much to be desired these days), and The Meg still a week away from opening, what are fans of shark movies to do? Here are 5 of the best shark movies to bite into before the new one comes out on Aug. 10.

1. Jaws 2

Yes, Jaws the original is the classic. The most well known, and acclaimed of all the shark movies in history. But in the spirit of summer fun, opt for the sequel, which is actually quite good too. Not only does it feature some great kills (Eddie, anyone?), but with John Williams score, and a still salty Chief Brody this movie delivers in more ways than one, and shouldn’t be overlooked for a summer shark movie fix.

2. 47 Meters Down

At first, this might have just seemed like a shark film mixed with a Lifetime movie. But with some great shocks, and a terrific twist, 47 Meters Down tops the list as one of the most enjoyable shark movies to watch in summer. A perfect appetizer to The Meg‘s big release.

3. The Shallows

Blake Lively stars in this one, as a surfer who gets stuck out in the ocean. She fills up most of the screen time herself, with little dialogue. While it’s fair to be wary of movies that focus solely on one person, The Shallows still winds up being both entertaining, and suspenseful. The most fun part is watching Lively battle wits one on one with her crafty, homicidal co-star.

4. Deep Blue Sea

Where else can you find a steamy Thomas Jane, a memorable Samuel L. Jackson soliloquy, and LL Cool J as a cook with a pet parrot? Deep Blue Sea doesn’t have the teeth of some of its competitors, but it’s still worthy of a fun, summer viewing.

5. Open Water

As far as shark movies go, this one, based on the true story of two American tourists whose scuba diving boat leaves without them, doesn’t pack nearly as much punch as the others. But what it lacks in shock value and suspenseful score it makes up for in real, human fear. In Open Water, it’s not necessarily the sharks that are scary. It’s the idea of being completely vulnerable to them.

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The Meg opens in theaters on Aug. 10. Will you be watching any of these films to prepare for the all new shark horror film? Tell us about it in the comments below.