Is Rob Zombie thinking of a sequel to The Lords of Salem?


Yesterday on Instagram, Rob Zombie posted a picture of his wife Sherri Moon Zombie with a cryptic question. Is the director considering a sequel to The Lords of Salem?

“Dear Heidi, bleed us a king.” – Margaret Morgan

The Lords of Salem – Part 2?

Rob Zombie is at it again. Last month, he posted a pic on Instagram featuring his wife, Sherri Moon Zombie and Richard Brake from his movie 31 posing the question, “I wonder what happens next?” Now, he has posted another photo of Sherri from The Lords of Salem pondering the same inquiry.

Since his latest 3 from Hell is in post-production, could he be searching for a new project? By taking it to IG, he could be testing the water so to speak with his fans. By seeing their reaction maybe, he will consider doing a sequel to one of the aforementioned films.

So far, responses to his latest post have been positive. Here are some fan comments, “Let’s get a sequel!” “Does this post mean a sequel?” “Oh, my Goddess! Please tell me there is a sequel!!!”

Evidently, his followers want to find out what is going on with Heidi Hawthorne and they also want more witches. If he is trying to determine if there would be an audience for the continuation of The Lords of Salem, the answer would be a resounding yes.

As a filmmaker, Zombie has drawn criticism for his adaptations of Halloween and 31 was a polarizing feature to say the least. It is interesting because there is no middle ground with him as a director either you love his works or you detest them.

In my mind, Zombie is like the Orson Welles of the horror genre. The impact of his original visions will be felt at a later date.

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