Hillcrest History: Looking back on Halloween H20 — twenty years later


Halloween H20 hit theaters twenty years ago after a slasher resurgence. Let’s celebrate one of the Haddonfield saga’s most fun and accessible sequels.

A New Dimension In Terror

In 1996, screenwriter Kevin Williamson and director Wes Craven brought horror back from the dead. With the genre becoming increasingly irrelevant, Scream hits theaters in December and changes horror forever. The film’s a true classic and shows the strength of its sharp creators, both behind and in front of the camera. And two years later, the magic shows again.

While Williamson may not be credited as screenwriter on Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, it’s likely the film would’ve never been made without his recent cred from Scream’s success. Seeing as the film is celebrating twenty years of existence, we’re looking back at the “MTV” Halloween and all of its underrated glory. Ready to head to Hillcrest Academy?

Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later — Courtesy of Dimension Films

Rising From The Ashes of Haddonfield

In one of the many underrated aspects of Halloween H20, the progression of Laurie Strode/Keri Tate, and Jamie Lee Curtis‘ performance, simply can’t be denied. Exploring ideas of lasting trauma and overcoming odds, the seventh film in the legendary franchise is more than blood and dead bodies. In fact, the progressiveness of Strode puts it over most horror pics of the decade as the film thematically explores facing problems and fears, not running away from them — or faking your death as an escape.

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Character Before Carnage

On top of a strong addition to the Laurie Strode character, H20 features developed characters across the board. John Tate (Josh Hartnett‘s first role) and Molly (Dawson’s Creek’s Michelle Williams) are extremely genuine and have a realistic relationship. Unfortunate guidance counselor Will Brennan is more than a love interest and Ronny (rap legend L.L Cool J), with his desire for a writing career, makes for one of the series best characters. The bodies may be hitting the floor in Northern California, but there’s a lot to like within the academy’s sprawling grounds.

The Legacy Lives On

It’s been twenty years since Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later. Debuting on Aug. 5, 1998, the slasher sequel/reboot is still a shining example of adhering to the times but staying true to your roots. Sure, the films may be slick and mirror many late 90s films, but its still a Halloween flick. And more than that, it has something to say outside of the average slasher. With the new Halloween seemingly exploring the same themes, H20 isn’t just a sequel deserving of attention — it’s a film worthy of celebration. Here’s to twenty more in Hillcrest Academy.

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