Shudder: New additions to the streaming service in August


Shudder is our Netflix and the must-have streaming service is bringing some quality flicks to horror fans in August.

I have had the streaming service Shudder for a pretty long time but it isn’t until the last several months that I have really come to appreciate it. To me, Shudder was home to obscure horror, retro horror, some common Asian horror and a lot of late 90s/early 2000s slasher fare. But I’ve come to learn that Shudder offers so much more than that, especially after The Last Drive In, and it’s no more apparent then Shudder’s August new arrivals.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

This entire article started because I was looking through Shudder for some background horror to work to. It’s no secret among most people I know that The Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite horror movies EVER. While it’s slightly shameful and I can’t truly explain it, I just love it. Maybe it’s a childhood thing, but this is the most exciting new addition in my opinion. Book of Shadows was added as well, but no one cares (sorry, not sorry). Who wants to watch The Blair Witch Project for the 100th time? ME.

The Dead (2011)

This slow burn zombie movie about a mercenary (Rob Freeman) alone in Africa searching for his kid after a plane crash is something completely different. I saw this movie when I was home sick one day and it stuck with me.

I read once that they didn’t hire actors to play the zombies for the film. They asked residents of the towns and villages throughout the filming of movie. They gave them some contacts and let them do their best zombie impression and most of them are haunting in their eyes and movements. They aren’t as much the running or overactive zombies of what we’re used to. And the zombies aren’t the biggest challenge. With zombie movies, we’re used to urban environments or maybe a countryside. The African environment arises new survival challenges aside from the living dead. Definite recommend.

Channel Zero: Candle Cove

I admittedly don’t know much about this show. I watched the first two episodes and it just faded away for me. To me, it seems like the SyFy Channel’s version of American Horror Story, which is fine, but that lost my attention too. But its addition to Shudder soon gives me a reason to give it another chance. Plus, tooth monster. While it’s not technically on Shudder YET, it’s addition is slated for very soon.

Anaconda (1997)

This movie has that late 90s re-watchability, like Independence Day and Jurassic Park. You have J.Lo, Ice Cube, Jon Voight and a big ass snake. There’s just something about that equation. If you like over-sized monster movies, this one is a classic.

Sorority Row (2010)

Trash slasher movies are great as long as you don’t take them too seriously. Sorority Row is one of those movies and also gives plenty of reasons to never join a sorority. With a very memorable beer bottle murder and screaming sorority girls galore, this one is a fan favorite for the genre. I’ve seen it — it’s not bad.

Run Lola Run (1998)

I’ve only seen this once. While, to me, this doesn’t count as horror, it’s a damn good movie. It has a lot of tension, a cool idea and Franka Potente is wonderful. It makes you realize how one choice can snowball into something bigger and bigger. The spoken language is German with subtitles and it has a bitchin’ soundtrack.

In the Mouth of Madness (1995)

Shudder is killing it this month with its 90s movies. Everybody’s favorite paleontologist, Sam Neill, stars in this film surrounding a killer novel and its missing author. I haven’t seen this one yet but now that it’s on Shudder, you better believe it’s on my list.

Other additions are See No Evil 1 and 2, The Hostage, Dread, Hidden, The Dead 2, The Gravedancers, Blood & Donuts, The Neighbor, Boy Eats Girl, The Subsitute, Take Shelter, Lake Placid, Threads, Kung Fu Killer, Kill Your Friends, and of course, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. If you don’t have Shudder yet, it can’t be beat for your horror movie needs.

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