Mr. Mercedes: Season 2 focuses on the monster inside of us


Mr. Mercedes, the hit AT&T Audience Network show returns August 22 for its second season. Get ready for some twists and terrifying turns.

“We ended with a bit of closure but not so fast.” – David E. Kelley

Heart Stopping

Last season Mr. Mercedes ended on a frightening note. Hodges had a heart attack and Brady was confronted by Holly and injured with a metal Bulldog statue. In fact, both men’s lives were literally on the line.

As Executive Producer David E. Kelley remarked via the Behind the Scenes video, “Brady is down and out but not altogether extinguished.” At the beginning of season 2, we find him in limbo straddling the worlds of life and death. Of course, Bill is still obsessed with his nemesis even though he is in a coma.

Writer and executive producer Dennis Lehane states that the show is very much about good vs evil. “Our good is a very messed up good and Hodges is quite compromised in a million different ways. Brady is homegrown evil. We all have been afraid of the boogeyman and that is what Brady represents.”

The challenge since Hartsfield is incapacitated is how to activate him. This is the dilemma that Stephen King and the writer’s room faced this time around according to director and executive producer of the series, Jack Bender.

An interesting fact is that in the first season, cast members Brendan Gleeson and Harry Treadaway did not act in any scenes together. This year the two get to share the screen for a bit in an intriguing dream sequence where the men are chatting in a graveyard.

Breaking Free

Brady figures out a way to rid himself of his bodily prison so that he can continue to torment Hodges. There is speculation on whether or not he is awake. He may not be in the traditional sense but his mind and will are functioning. According to the producers, one of the characters may become possessed this season with his spirit.

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Holly Gibney played by Justine Lupe is taking on a bigger role this year as she and Hodges create a crime solving business together. We will find Bill doing questionable tasks like repossessing vehicles which he detests. Their dynamic will be very yin and yang and not necessarily in a pleasant way so expect some clashing of personalities.

Jerome Robinson (Jharrel Jerome) returns from college and he is different. Harvard has changed him. Lehane seems to indicate that the reason will be revealed as the show unfolds. Lou Linklatter (Breeda Wool) is also coping with the aftermath of being stabbed by Brady who was her “friend.”

While doing therapy she hears the medical staff talking about Hartsfield being out of his coma. Of course, this worries her.

Breeda Wool hopes that there is some “triumph over the violence that has infected everyone but it’s Stephen King so the violence could win.” Mr. Mercedes airs August 22 at 10 p.m. ET on AT&T Audience Network.

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