American Horror Story: Apocalypse E4 — Could It Be….Satan? recap

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Michael Langdon discovering his powers at warlock school. Image courtesy of FX

In this week’s AHS: Apocalypse, we go back 3 months to discover how Michael Langdon came to be…who he is, as well as reuniting with a few old friends in some very unexpected places!

Caution: Detailed Spoilers Ahead!

So, can I just go ahead and start off with an OH MY GOD!!!!! Last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse is continuing onwards with being the craziest, most fun season so far in the run of the series. There were several moments that I may have gasped, and one guest who, to me, was truly, very unexpected.

At the beginning of Could it be…Satan?,” we’re reconvening where last week’s episode ended, in Outpost 3. Cordelia Foxx, Madison Montgomery, and Myrtle Snow (Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts, and Frances Conroy, respectively) have entered the compound and brought three women back to life from the events of that evening’s Halloween party. Apparently, all three women are part of Cordelia’s coven, but they were put under identity spells to forget they ever were.

Mallory is having the hardest time realizing who she really is, while Dinah seems to understand what’s going on right away, but won’t commit to joining anyone in any type of crusade until she figures out which side is going to win. I’m caught up in a thought if Dinah is supposed to be a caricature of Oprah, but I suppose we shall see as the season continues if that has any validity.

Michael Langdon enters the room and tells the ladies of the coven there’s no way they can win, had they seen the world out there? To which Myrtle Snow delivers the best comeback, “It’s almost as bad as your dinner jacket, but at least the world can be saved.”

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This is when we are transported back, only three months, in time. Michael is eating in what looks to be like the house next door to the Murder House with the real Ms. Miriam Meade. This brings up a question, which we all know will eventually be addressed, where is Constance Langdon? Did one of the ghosts from the Murder House kill her? Did she end up going to prison for one of the many horrible things she’s done over the course of her life?

Anyway, we see that Miriam Meade is a devout Satanist and that she probably knows who Michael really is, even though it’s somewhat unclear as to whether he does or not. We’re then taken to what Outpost 3 was before, The Hawthorne School for Boys. Like the house in AHS: Coven, the Hawthorne school trains young men who were born warlocks. The staff of the school consists of some great character actors that have starred in Ryan Murphy’s previous endeavors: Billy Porter as Behold Chablis, Jon Jon Briones (who was wonderfully evil in The Assassination of Gianni Versace) as Grand Chancellor Ariel, Cheyenne Jackson as half rockabilly dude/half Civil War general warlock John Henry Moore, and last but certainly not least, one of my favorite actors in the entire known universe BD WONG!!!!! I’m beyond excited that he is part of this season’s cast and was very much surprised to see him.

The staff at the Hawthorne school are very much concerned with producing something called “The Alpha”, which is essentially the warlock version of the witches’ “Supreme”, which if you watched Coven, you know Cordelia Foxx holds that title. If the warlocks can produce an Alpha, and he can perform the Seven Wonders, then the Alpha could oust The Supreme and the warlocks would finally be in charge of the magical world.

The Warlocks find some security camera footage from a jail, where Michael Langdon is seen making a detective’s head explode…with his mind. Grand Chancellor Ariel is very eager to get Michael out of jail because he believes he could be the Alpha. Everyone is mostly onboard, except for John Henry Moore, who thinks that the kid is dangerous (which, ding ding, he’s right!).