Ray Santiago doesn’t know where he’s going but it won’t be boring

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Ray Santiago is one of our favorite interviews at 1428 Elm so we were very fortunate to speak with him about his upcoming stint on Hulu’s Into the Dark, episode 1, The Body. He also gave us a little tease on the Ash vs Evil Dead virtual reality immersion game and we look at what is on his horizon.

Hello Again

Ray Santiago won our hearts with his portrayal of Pablo Simon Bolivar, El Brujo Especial on Ash vs Evil Dead. For three seasons, we welcomed him into our homes as if he were an old friend. However, after the show was cancelled, the young actor found his schedule getting increasingly busy.

Fresh off the blood and gore, he stepped into a romantic comedy with Speed of Life starring veteran actress, Ann Dowd. He also got the chance to star in the very high profile Blumhouse horror anthology series for Hulu entitled Into the Dark. In episode 1, The Body, Ray plays Jack, a trust fund kid who fancies himself an app designer.

The role was 360 degrees away from Pablo and even further from Santiago personally. After watching episode 1, The Body, I can honestly say that AVED fans will not be disappointed. There is a very dark humor bubbling beneath the surface of some very horrific events.

For those of you that are familiar with the Hitchcock classic, The Trouble with Harry, the premise of The Body is very similar. Ray and company are the younger, hipper, shinier versions of that old chestnut but the comedy resulting in the “snowball effect” is also present in this modern incarnation.

So, it’s time to get into our chat with the always entertaining and very energetic, Ray Santiago.