11 most satisfying deaths on The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead season 9 premiere is starting in a matter of minutes now which gives us time to reflect back on the seasons gone by. In the past, we have listed the worst characters in the entire series and the most gut-wrenching deaths of some fan favorites, but what about those demises that we weren’t sad about?

The Walking Dead has had its share of characters that were so hated that the audience cheered when they were dispatched. So, bearing that in mind, I bring to you eleven of the most annoying, despicable and biggest pain in the ass characters from the past seasons and the moments we all cheered for.

The Walking Dead – 11 Most Satisfying Deaths List


Lori, the worst character in The Walking Dead, or hell, any show for that matter, manipulated the minds of two men until one of them couldn’t handle it anymore and tried to kill his rival who also happened to be his best friend. The actions of Lori directly ended the life of her probable baby daddy.

After that, she was promptly friendzoned by her husband and understandably so.  While her death made women around the world cringe, draw their legs up and decide their uteruses were just for show, there was a sense of justification too.

It’s almost like, in the end, Shane had his revenge for the mind games that would end his life. While I hate that little Carl was the one who had to end it, I was happy to have Lori out of the storyline. Long live Michonne!

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Speaking of REALLY annoying characters…Andrea was attracted to the bad boys. After she hooked up with Shane (pre-death of course), Andrea settled in with the Governor. She had so many chances to kill him post-coitus but she never did and because of that, we lost Axle, Merle, and Herschel.

Not to mention, if the butterfly effect is applicable in The Walking Dead universe, they would never have had to leave the prison, meaning all subsequent deaths were her fault too. Her death was long and dragged out and because she couldn’t talk and escape at the same time after the Governor tied her to a chair and stabbed poor Milton, she was bitten when he finally died. Everyone in the room when I watched this episode literally cheered.


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Gareth was one of the leaders of Terminus, the town they traveled the train tracks for after the prison was overrun. This started the Glenn/Maggie separation saga that would never really end until Glenn finally took Lucille to the face. Terminus promised sanctuary and what they really offered was Soylent Green.

After Carol went all Commando on Terminus and saved her people, Gareth and his men tracked them down to Father Gabriel’s church where they captured and ate Bob but the joke was on Gareth because Bob was infected. Rick promised to kill Gareth with his red handled machete and Rick made good on that promise.


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Is it too taboo to celebrate the death of a character on The Walking Dead if that character was a child? I think in this instance, we may get a pass. After Lizzie and her sister, Mika, were taken under Carol’s wing when their father died at the prison due to the super virus, we saw that Lizzie wasn’t all there.

Whether it was feeding the zombies, naming the zombies, befriending the zombies or turning her SISTER into a zombie, she was more of a problem child than Damien. After Carol found that Lizzie crazy murdered Mika, after almost crazy murdering Judith, she knew she had to look at the flowers cause the apocalypse don’t need no more crazy.


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Jared was one of Negan’s men that got captured and taken to Hilltop as a prisoner of war. Before the war between the settlements started, Jared was part of Gavin’s group that would take offerings from the Kingdom. During a pickup gone bad, due to sabotage from a member of the Kingdom, a young man named Benjamin was mortally wounded, royally pissing off his little brother, Henry and fueling the fire for a fight.

When Hilltop was attacked by Negan’s men, Henry, hell-bent on revenge, ended up freeing said prisoners. When Rick and Morgan went after them, they played the prisoners as if there was a future at Hilltop and killed them all. Just when it looked like Jared would get away, Morgan trapped him and he was eaten by walkers. Sweet, sweet victory.


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Remember that pissed off little brother, Henry? Well, that drop gone bad will eventually be the death of Gavin. Gavin was one of Negan’s group leaders. While he was an evil man, sometimes it almost seemed like he thought he was doing the right thing.

However, his right thing was a lot of other people’s wrong thing and when Henry hid behind him, he stabbed him through the back of the neck with a long, pointy stick. Gavin never saw it coming and viewers were happy he was gone.

The Andersons- Pete, Jessie, Ron and Sam

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This whole family sucked…seriously. Not one of them was redeemable as an interesting human being or anyone you would want around during an apocalypse. Pete was abusive, Jessie was whiny, Ron was a TEENAGER (and those are hard enough to deal with without zombies trying to eat your face off) and Sam just wouldn’t shut the hell up.

The family didn’t die together but we all celebrated as it happened one by one. Pete was killed by Rick after he killed Rog, Sam wouldn’t stop talking while playing zombie so he got eaten and Jessie was all, “Let me get in on that too,” and Ron shot Carl so you know he had to die. The series was better off without them and no one was disappointed when they were gone.

The Governor

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The Governor was the first villain we loved to hate. While he didn’t have the entertaining dialogue, scruffy charm or *gulp* face of Negan, he sure as hell had the bloodlust. The Governor had some major issues and took out some of our favorite characters.

He had a wicked attachment to his zombified daughter and kept a tank full of zombie heads since TV is so passé. It seemed fitting that his own men would turn on him and he would get a final death blow from Michonne.

I thought about others I could have put on this list from past seasons of The Walking Dead, people like Simon, but most feedback I heard was disappointment that Simon was gone. I wanted to choose the people that no one missed on the show and it was a surprisingly small list.

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Besides Simon, an honorable mention was Tomas from the prison. He was a real pain in the butt and it was a good idea that Rick gave him a hatchet to the head. And lest we not forget the attempted sexual offender, Joe, who had his throat ripped out when Rick went Papa Bear on him and used his teeth to separate Joe from his throat meat.

The first episode of the controversial season 9 starts today, so don’t forget to tune in. did your most satisfying death make the list? Let us know in the comments! Sad that Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead? Check out what Gale Anne Hurd had to say about Lincoln and Lore on the NYCC panel.