Dexter: Episode 110 — Seeing Red — flashback review


Episode 10 of Dexter’s first season is called Seeing Red for a reason. Also, Dexter takes crucial action against Paul Bennett.

“So this is doom. I’ve been the architect of so much of it, it’s only fair that I should know what the fuss is all about.” — Dexter Morgan

Dexter is a show that’s known for blood. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is himself a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro PD. Of course, he also collects blood slides from his victims before dispatching them. On top of that, the pesky Ice Truck Killer keeps leaving refrigerated victims posed around Miami, with their bodies being impressively bloodless. However, things are about to get a whole lot sloppier in that regard!

A jar of blood shows up at the Miami PD headquarters and inside the jar is a hotel room key. When officers Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) and James Doakes (Erik King) investigate the scene, they immediately call for any backup they can get. This, of course, includes Dex, who is the first to go in after the initial discovery.

However, in an amazing moment for the series, Dexter actually flees the scene after some grisly, nightmarish childhood flashbacks render him rattled. He sees himself in a strange room covered in blood, and it’s obvious that some violence has happened. Though he tries to hide it, he is obviously shaken. In fact, even Doakes gives him room, only remarking that something finally got to him. The question is, what did get to him?

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The scene in the hotel room is more incredible for us viewers, as we know the killer responsible: Rudy Cooper (Christian Camargo), prosthetist. However, as “Seeing Red” progresses, it’s implied that Rudy is at risk of being discovered. First, the blood room is already being linked to the Ice Truck Killer. Though it’s likely by intent of design, the whole “solve-my-mystery” approach risks his downfall — if one can solve a mystery, one can also find the murderer. Then, through sheer luck, Lieutenant Angel Batista (David Zayas) sees a girl with a prosthetic arm in a nightclub, with her fingernails painted multiple colors like the first ITK victim’s. The girl, a former prostitute, relates a story about a client who treated her rough, but who relented when he saw her prosthetic limb.

Unknowingly, Batista consults Rudy Cooper about possible acrotomophiles — or amputation fetishists, AKA “devotees” — who may be getting carried away with their work. Though Cooper doesn’t instantly attack Batista, he goes after him later that night in a parking lot, disguising himself in a mask. The attacker is scared off by two random witnesses, but not before stabbing Batista. However, the scuffle left Rudy with a few cuts of his own, which make him potentially identifiable as a suspect.

Rudy and Dexter

Dexter and the ITK. (Dexter, Showtime)

Before stabbing Angel Batista, Rudy had a little fight with Deb after he showing excessive interest in Dexter’s reaction to the bloody hotel room. Rather than making up with her that night, he went to hang out with Dexter instead, having steaks. For fear of seeming too Dex-obsessed, Rudy returns to Deb shortly after stabbing Batista, with a romantic overture of a bouquet of flowers. He struggles kissing her due to his cut lip, however, or at least uses it as an excuse. Though Deb doesn’t suspect he’s the Ice Truck Killer yet, the stage is definitely being set for a truth unveiling. We know the relationship between Rudy and Dexter involves something profoundly dark, as they are both killers, although with different approaches.

Dexter vs. Paul: The needle and the damage done

Paul Bennett (Mark Pellegrino) isn’t that good of a guy. Granted, he initially seemed to be a changed man after doing time. Now, however, he’s slipping back to his old, abusive ways regarding how he treats Rita (Julie Benz). That’s not necessarily how the law sees it, though. After she defended herself from his physical attack, he is now charging her for assault and trying to wrest custody of their kids. When Dexter feels his family being threatened by Paul, he instinctively hits him over the head with a frying pan, knocking him unconscious.

He then sets Paul up to look like he’s using heroin again, and places an anonymous phone call to report it, and Paul gets sent back to prison under the “3 strikes, you’re out” law. When Rita asks Dexter where he’s been at one point, he says, “Taking out the trash.” In Dexter’s mind, this was all legitimate under Harry’s rules, because he at least didn’t kill the guy. Still, what a way to go, and what an episode!

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