American Horror Story: Apocalypse E7 — Traitor (Recap)

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Adina Porter as talk show host, Dinah Stevens..or is she more than that? image courtesy of FX.

In Traitor, AHS: Apocalypse visits Ms. Robichaux’s School For Girls, the new Voodoo Queen, and more, in a rush to save the world from the AntiChrist, Michael Langdon.

Caution: Detailed Spoilers Ahead! Watch the episode first!

Traitor opens in New Orleans, Louisiana. A woman is under a voodoo spell that ends up with her heart getting ripped from her chest. Next thing you know, we’re outside of a vast mansion. Dinah Stevens, who meet at the beginning of the season, is dressed very similarly to Angela Bassett’s Marie Laveau from Coven. The reason is, since those of us who watched coven know, Marie Laveau is spending eternity in hell with Madame Delphine LaLaurie. Due to that fact, Dinah has ascended to replace Laveau on the throne.

However, things are different since Laveau isn’t there. Dinah is performing voodoo rituals for rich white women to survive financially. Hence the voodoo sequence at the beginning. We find Dinah in the kitchen with a woman (credited only as “Wife,” played by Lauren Stamile) whose husband had cheated on her. They put the woman with whom he cheated’s heart in a blender. The husband is tied up to the bed and they make him eat the gross smoothie which will apparently prevent him from ever cheating again.

When Dinah leaves the house, Cordelia is outside waiting for her. She needs a favor from Dinah, which is to meet Papa Legba to see if she can banish Michael Langdon to hell. Dinah says “I don’t do favors”, but she will summon Papa Legba for $100,000 cash.

Joan Collins, is she Evie Gallant or Bubbles McGee? Or both? Image courtesy of FX.

We are then taken to the set of a Christmas themed horror movie, “A Christmas to Dismember“. Joan Collins is back in the game, but this time, she is a b-movie actress whose hair is white and whose name is Bubbles McGee. Part of me wonders if Bubbles McGee is actually Evie Gallant with an identity spell, or if the two are indeed different characters like Ms. Venable and Cordelia Good or Mr. Gallant and Tate Langdon. I suppose we’ll know soon enough.

Anyway, Bubbles McGee is in between takes on set of the film when Madison Montgomery arrives. She informs Bubbles that she has been summoned by Cordelia. After some argument, Bubbles finally agrees to go.

First, Madison and Bubbles join Myrtle for a meal. Myrtle and Bubbles went to Ms. Robichaux’s at the same time and have been friends for years. While at the dinner table, we discover that Bubbles can read people’s thoughts. Madison is unimpressed. The fact of the matter is that it’s not as simple as mind-reading. Bubbles can extract the truth about any situation straight from someone’s soul. Which is why she has been summoned. The plan is for Bubbles to use her power, which is referred to as Letio Animo, on Ariel Augustus to see what his plans are.

We’re then taken back to Dinah and Cordelia at the Robichaux school, where the ritual to summon Papa Legba takes place. Dinah tells Cordelia that she’s never made a deal with Legba because she’s “not about snatching newborns from the maternity ward” which was part of how the former Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, stayed young for so long. After a short period, Papa Legba (played by one of the most versatile character actors in television history, Lance Reddick) returns.

Cordelia Goode, Supreme Witch, is doing everything within her power to stop Michael Langdon, the AntiChrist to take over the world. Including making a deal with the Voodoo Devil, Papa Legba. Image courtesy of FX.

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When Papa Legba arrives, Cordelia tells him that she wants assistance with relocating MIchael Langdon back with his father in hell where he belongs, permanently.

“Betraying Satan’s spawn? I would be putting myself at great risk!”

However Papa Legba believes in high risk=high reward, so he tells Cordelia that he will do it in exchange for all of her girls in the coven. At this point  Nan (Jamie Brewer) pops up. Cordelia is incredibly surprised to see her. Marie Laveau had sacrificed her to Papa Legba in the Coven season, but Papa Legba never let any harm come to her. She assists Papa Legba in torturing hell’s residents. “I like it, I get to cause trouble,” she says.

Cordelia can’t reconcile willingly giving up her girls like that, and in response, Papa Legba says “Not only will your girls die but six billion other people will die too,” Nevertheless she can’t do it and her chance at having his assistance vanishes when he does.

Back at Ms. Robichaux’s, Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt has discovered that she can now tell exactly how many calories are in every piece of food put before her. After this exercise, she goes to finish a half eaten snowball of Queenie’s, but she chokes on it and (almost? maybe actually?) dies. Mallory extracts the snowball from her throat and brings Coco back.