American Horror Story: Apocalypse E8 — “Sojourn” (Recap)

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In “Sojourn” we see where Ms. Venable was before Outpost 3. Image courtesy of FX.

That very night, Madeline discovers that Michael is, in fact, the AntiChrist, which excites her to no end. The next service at the Church of Satan, a guy named Phil, who used to be an accountant for Gawker (lol), is going to sell his soul to Satan that night and sacrifice two good people (one who’s a social worker, another who was in Doctors Without Borders) to Satan for a Black Mass. Madeline speaks up and says that Michael should do it, and it is revealed to the congregation that Michael is the son of Satan. He conducts the Black Mass and everyone rejoices.

After the service, people are hounding him, dying to do his bidding, but he just wants them to keep going about their socializing and eating as they would have ordinarily. He admits to Madeline that he doesn’t know what to do yet, that his father hasn’t let him in on any of the secrets as to how he’s supposed to usher in the end of the world. Then he tells Madeline that if he had Miriam around, she would help him know what he needed to do.

Madeline informs Michael that bringing back someone from the dead is no big deal within this vast Satanic network they’re working within, which, I believe, is what “The Cooperative” ends up being. Anyway, Madeline drives Michael to this Silicon Valley-esque Google HQ looking place. When we take a look inside we are met with Mutt (Billy Eichner) and Jeff (Evan Peters), two computer engineers who are running a multi-billion dollar robotics company.

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Mutt and Jeff are in the midst of trying to create a life-like sex robot, to some obscene and funny results. Mutt & Jeff are an amalgamation of every annoying tech-bro you’ve met in your life. They do enormous amounts of cocaine and talk in bro-speak. Some cool things that we discover in their office is the source of the ridiculous 70’s AM radio in the Outpost. Jeff is playing the song that is originally playing when we first enter the Outpost. He says “Lite Rock is like… me” which is funny because he says this while they are doing mountains of cocaine.

Another throwback to the beginning of the season is that the office manager of the robotics company is none other than Sarah Paulson’s first Apocalypse iteration, Ms. Venable. She is still wearing all purple and is still not one to be messed with, as we can see her reaming an employee. She enters the lab of Mutt and Jeff and announces a “visitor’s” presence. Michael arrives and the boys are in disbelief that he’s actually the AntiChrist. “I thought you’d be ripped, and jacked, like The Rock when he was The Rock,” Jeff says. The two then make fun of his name. “Shouldn’t it be Beelzebub or some s—t,” Jeff laughs.

Michael then burns a girl (who I think was a drug dealer and possible prostitute) alive and turns off all the lights, while showing the two his evil face. They believe him then and bow down and do their requisite “hail Satan”s. At that point, Michael informs him what he wants them to do, which is create a lifelike robotic version of Miriam Meade. We see the process of her making and then Mutt warns them “Like a human relationship it may take time for her to get to know you.” When Miriam comes online, she immediately springs up, turns to the AntiChrist and says “How I’ve missed you Michael.”

This episode was good, but has been one of the only ones that hasn’t been full of shocks from beginning to end, which to be fair we all need a little bit of comic relief, but I might not have chosen this episode to be the one that aired on Halloween. Last week’s episode was much better suited for that.

Also, next week’s episode looks pretty insane as well. We are approaching the end of the season, with only four episodes left, so I certainly hope that everything wraps up nicely and makes sense. We shall certainly see, and I’ll return next week with my take on “Fire & Reign.”

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