Video Palace and waxing nostalgic with Ben Rock and Bob DeRosa

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Image courtesy of Shudder

Shudder recently released a new kind of horror on their site, a podcast called “Video Palace.” We talked with writers Ben Rock and Bob DeRosa about it all.

Shudder has been killing it lately with its programming. Whether it’s bringing Joe Bob back or the Halloween additions of Alfred Hitchcock movies or now it’s Italian horror love, the streaming service offers audiences a wide range of programming no matter your taste.

Recently, they delved into something broader than before…podcasting. Shudder recently released a 10-episode horror thriller podcast called Video Palace and, as the podcast addict that I am, I binged it immediately. And let me tell you, you should do the same. I even got the chance to speak with Ben Rock and Bob DeRosa who were the masterminds behind the story of the podcast.

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Video Palace was created by Nick Braccia and  Michael Monello with Liam Finn producing. The podcast is a writing collaboration between Bob DeRosa and Ben Rock and directed by Rock. Ben and Bob have also worked together on the web series 20 Seconds to Live, which has a home on the Ariescope website and its second season is on its way. Video Palace stars Chase Williamson (John Dies at the End) as Mark, Devin Sidell (31) as Tamra, Bonita Freidericy (Preacher) as Bets, Larry Cedar (Twilght Zone: The Movie) as Randy, Leon Russom (A Quiet Place) as Thurman and Justin Welborn (Beyond the Gates) as Shane.

It follows the story of movie collector Mark Cambria and his search for mysterious white VHS tapes when he begins talking in his sleep after watching one. Mark and his girlfriend Tamra start to fall down the rabbit hole of rumors, urban legends and missing people as it all centers around one old video shop, Video Palace.

Image courtesy of Shudder

I LOVED this podcast series. For anyone who grew up with a parent obsessed with old radio shows, the format of this will feel familiar. Video Palace feels so nostalgic but current at the same time. Most listeners my age will remember walking the isles of a place like Video Palace and staring across a sea of VHS sleeves and clamshells knowing your movie is somewhere out there waiting for you.

The voice acting was phenomenal and if felt like I was truly listening to someone’s actual recordings. The dialogue was superb and realistic and the story itself was eerie. There were some small cameo interviews by another amazing writer/director, Adam Green as well as interview snippets by Brian Collins, Sam Zimmerman and Steve Barton.

I was lucky enough to snag Ben Rock and Bob DeRosa to pick their brains a bit on the podcast.