American Horror Story: Apocalypse Season Finale — “Apocalypse Then”

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“I’m not here to defeat anyone,” Dinah says to Cordelia after being brought back to life. Image courtesy of FX.

We are then taken back to the moment in Outpost 3 where Mallory meets Michael and her powers reveal themselves. At this moment, Cordelia, Myrtle, and Madison literally crawl out of the ground like zombies, where they’ve apparently been for a year or longer.

We see the scene where the witches arrive in the Outpost and greet Michael again. Just after being revived from the dead, Coco and Mallory start to get their memories back. Cordelia lets Dinah know that she brought her back from the dead to join the witches and defeat Michael.

“I’m not here to defeat anyone,” Dinah exclaims.

Michael says to them all, “The Seventh Seal has been broken. The world has been remade in my father’s image.” After more grandiose statements, Michael tells the witches he wants to give them a future as his “obedient subjects” and he wanted to give them “a seat at the table.”

“The only way I’d sit at your table is if your decapitated head were the centerpiece,” Cordelia snarls.

Dinah tells the witches and Michael that she only picks winners and gloats about her powers and that’s why Michael picked her. To my (and probably everyone’s) shock, MARIE LAVEAU (Angela Basset) walks out and lets Dinah know that she’s too big for her britches. We then find out that Cordelia did make a deal with Papa Legba. If she could have Marie Laveau back, she would give him Dinah Stevens. Papa Legba agreed, so Nan and Cordelia go back to a place I didn’t think we’d see again, the personal hell of Marie Laveau and Madame Delphine LaLaurie. Cordelia and Nan bring Marie out.

Marie says to Dinah “Out with the trash, give Papa my regards.”

Marie causes the robot Miriam Meade to explode. Her head flies off and is singing to Michael with green foam coming from her mouth. Michael is sad to lose Miriam again. Madison shoots him when he is vulnerable. Of course this doesn’t last. A whole litany of insanity occurs after this. We find out that Brock was actually Mutt in disguise trying to get a spot on the plane. He stabs Mallory, while Cordelia and Myrtle try to take her off in her injured state to complete the spell. Michael comes back from the shooting, pissed, and makes Madison’s head explode, tears out Marie Laveau’s heart, and snaps Coco’s neck all over the course of about two minutes.

Cordelia, Myrtle, and Michael all stand there, and it seems as though all hope is lost, until Cordelia stabs herself to make Mallory the supreme, enabling her to go back in time to change the course of these events.

We say goodbye to MIchael Langdon, for good, in “Apocalypse Then”. Image courtesy of FX

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We are taken back to the moment in history where Michael kills the priest. Constance loses it on him and kicks Michael out of the house. He pleads with her for forgiveness and then almost kills her by strangulation, but she sticks to her decision and kicks him out. Once he’s out the door, Mallory hits him with her car, then reverses the car over him, and drives over him again.

As he’s lying on the ground, a young kid who never got a chance to end the world, Constance comes out. He begs her to take him into the Murder House so that she can be with him forever. She thinks about it for a little bit and then looks him in the eye and says “Go to Hell.”

The new future is a little different. Myrtle was never brought back from the dead a second time. Mallory convinces Queenie from going to Hotel Cortez. Zoe is still alive. The thing that’s the worst probably is that no one remembers Mallory, but she doesn’t mind, because she saved the coven.

You would think that would be it, but of course it isn’t. Remember the two kids from the Outpost that seemed to kind of just be there for no real reason, Tim and Emily? Well, they end up meeting in 2020 outside of a coffee shop. They fall in love and a year later have a son. We see them coming home from a night out, the sky has a weird reddish hue to it. The couple goes in the house and see blood on the door. Their son had killed the babysitter. We see the crows circle outside and then the doorbell rings. Who should it be but Miriam Meade, Anton Lavey, and Samantha Crowe?

I was so pumped after this episode ended. Obviously, this season was the biggest platter of fan service to ever exist, but I loved it. I can only hope that the momentum from this season propels into the next.

Do you think this is the last we’ve heard of the Antichrist and our favorite witches? A big part of me hopes it isn’t.

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