Five werewolf movies from the ’70s to watch during a full moon


If you read my article, “Five groovily fangtastic vampire movies from the ’70s,” this is its sister article. The werewolf doesn’t get as much love as the vampire, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t movies about them lurking in the bushes.

I’ll admit I have always been a vampire girl, but I do occasionally go to the werewolf side. I thought it would be interesting to look at werewolf movies that are from the ’70s. When I think of that time period one name comes to mind, Spanish actor Paul Naschy, who was in plenty of movie monster movies including many about werewolves as Count Waldemar Daninsky.

So here’s the list:

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1. Fury of the Wolfman (1972) 

Like I talked about before Paul Naschy did several werewolf movies especially in the role of Count Waldemar Daninsky, which Fury of the Wolfman is part of that the series. This one is about how he’s the lone survivor of an expedition and finds himself a captive in a castle by a sadistic female mad scientist (played by Perla Cristal). I do believe that you can find this in several Mill Creek movie packs too.

2. Legend of the Werewolf (1975) 

Legend of the Werewolf pairs two British horror greats, director Freddie Francis and actor Peter Cushing. The film is about a werewolf roaming in Paris who just so happens to develop an unhealthy crush on a prostitute. The crush is so deep that he ends up killing her clients.

3. The Beast Must Die (1974) 

The Beast Must Die is an enjoyable film where a big game hunter asks a bunch of people over for the weekend, though he has a motive: one of them is a werewolf and he wants to expose who it is. The film has a great cast that includes Peter Cushing, Calvin Lockhart, Marlene Clark, and Charles Gray (James Bond fans will know him as Blofeld).

4. Moon of the Wolf (1972) 

Moon of the Wolf is a TV movie that is about a sheriff in Louisiana who believes that a killer behind several grisly murders is actually a werewolf. The film was part of ABC Movie of the Week. You can pair Moon of the Wolf with another TV movie from ABC, Scream of the Wolf, which came out two years later.

5. The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!

Probably the most curious of the bunch and thanks to Amazon Prime Video, it’s one that is easy to access. The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! is about a family that turns into werewolves once a month during a full moon and the father of the family tells his youngest daughter that it’s up to her to break the curse. Not the best movie, but it does have the best title.

So that’s just an example of what kind of werewolf movies came out in the ’70s. They are the perfect movies to watch during any full moon!

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What other movies come to mind when you think of werewolf movies from the ’70s? Share your thoughts about this list and your favorites in the comment section!