Creepy Christmas: Essential horror movies for the holiday spirit


Essential Christmas horror movies to get you in the holiday mood, watchable all year long but more fun with some festive holiday spirit.

The second forks were put down and the tryptophan setting in, vendors were setting out Christmas trees and hanging holiday lights. By the time we emerged from our homes again, the air was suddenly filled with a holiday mood. Tree decorating and present buying not far off on the horizon for many.

And for horror movie lovers, time for other traditions too. Like rewatching classic Christmas horror movies. There aren’t too many in the genre. Yet of the ones that exist, there are some gems. Plus, there aren’t many Christmas horror movies coming out this season. Instead, let’s rejoice in some classics.

The holidays only come once each year, but these Christmas horror movies are good all year long. Though watching them with some festive spirit definitely feels more fun.

Essential Christmas Horror:

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Black Christmas  The quintessential of all Christmas horror movies. And the standard for most classic horror movies, period. The classic horror film from 1978 came before Halloween, and inspired the typical slasher varieties that followed. Plus, if you live in New York City, you’re in luck. You can see it on a big screen at Nitehawk Cinemas in December.

Gremlins —  You can’t discuss Christmas horror movies without immediately thinking of Gremlins. The horror classic is pure, holiday fun. Who can forget Phoebe Cate’s crazy Christmas soliloquy?

Silent Night, Deadly Night  This Christmas horror movie due to its funny tunes, and hokey moments has become a cult classic. But it’s also just kinda fun too. A boy, distraught from seeing his family killed by a Santa on Christmas grows up to be a strapping, young, sympathetic serial killer. The horror franchise has four sequels but the original is by far the most memorable.

Better Watch Out — Not only a terrific Christmas horror movie, but an underrated horror movie. This Home Alone style horror movie from 2016 really shines. Largely due to its charismatic star, Levi Miller.

Krampus — Thinking of Christmas horror movies to evoke holiday spirit, Krampus comes to mind. The 2015 horror movie starring Adam Scott and Toni Colette has some killer originality, and a great villain against the goody two shoes Santa.

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Fan of holiday horror? Watching any of these Christmas classics in December? Let the scary squad know you think in the comment section below.