Classic horror films that need a Halloween style reboot


Classic horror films are perennial favorites. They are cinematic comfort food. In light of the success of the reboot of Halloween, here is my list of potential candidates for the “Blumhouse” treatment.

Classic horror films are meant to be seen over and over again. Old favorites that we never get tired of or bored with. With the Halloween 2018 movie seeing huge success and breaking records, it won’t be long before other movies will be considered for the reboot treatment.

Danny McBride’s version of the John Carpenter original had some newly updated facts, yet relied heavily on the backbone of the original. The 2018 horror reboot actually had a lot to say under the surface about the strength of women, and generational power.

Proving this, it was the biggest opening ever with a female lead over 55. Since major success typically breeds imitation, I assume similar remakes or reboots will follow.

I wish they didn’t have to. But if they do, here are a few that I think could do nicely. Perhaps even benefit from a Halloween style reboot.

Classic horror films that could use a reboot:

Black Christmas

— Courtesy of Film Funding Ltd. of Canada

Forget the awful 2006 remake. Segue to all these years later. Jess is still alive, and traumatized by the events that happened all those years ago at the sorority house. Cut to a reimagining of a new updated Black Christmas. A fresh new take on Billy. The psychopathic, split personality figure that haunted her all those years ago and freaked us out in the original.

The Bad Seed

Classic Horror – Bad Seed – Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Rhoda from the 1956 original is all grown up. Her homicidal tendencies from the past went from overlooked to forgotten. Last we saw her she was skipping out of her house, after the untimely (and not well planned) death of her mother.

She happily went off to live with her aunt, who didn’t know of her evil ways. But what happened to Rhoda? Well, it’s 2018. Rhoda continued to fly under the radar. She found religion, got therapy, got married and even fixed her psychopathic ways. But she also has a daughter. Cue a reboot and a Bad Seed for a whole new generation.


Classic Horror -Scream 5 — Courtesy of Dimension Films

There have been four chapters to the Scream franchise, with the most recent one already clocking in at seven years old. Technically, the fourth and final Scream installment was the closest to a reboot we’ve seen. Though the story line was different, many Easter eggs and tropes harkened back to the ’97 original.

So, what about a complete reboot of the series? Bring back original writer Kevin Williamson to pen a new, updated look on the old classic. Starting with the original movie. Ignoring all secrets and killers unearthed in Scream’s 2, 3, and 4.

Similar to Halloween 2018, we start fresh with Sidney, all these years later. Much like Laurie, she’s been traumatized, rebuilt, and waiting for revenge all these years. Because Scream’s killer is a person, and not an entity, or monster, this might be a harder story line to pull off. But that is why we have brilliant horror writers for, right?

Sleepaway Camp

Classic Horror – Sleepaway Camp – Courtesy of American Eagle Films,U.S. Films

The 80’s horror film lives on in cult fame. Horror fans still love to chat about it, and Felissa Rose is still making horror movies. But with so many reboots and remakes of every horror movie, somehow this cult classic never comes up.

True, some of the subject matter, and that controversial, can’t unsee ending could be hard to replicate today. But it would be fun to watch them try.

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In Halloween 2018 style again, cancel out all the sequels that followed. Sleepaway Camp had five in total. Instead, pick up right where the first one left off.

You run the risk of playing with delicate subject matter in this day and age. But isn’t the point of great horror, or any movie for that matter to stir up something? Where would Angela be now in a 35 years later reboot?

What Classic horror films would you want to see rebooted? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below.