Tobias Forge of Ghost to do live Q+A with iHeartRadio


Set your reminders because Tobias Forge of Ghost will be sitting down with iHeartRadio live on their Facebook page to answer YOUR questions.

It may come as a shock to you all, but we love the Swedish metal band Ghost here at 1428 Elm. I don’t know if you can tell by the coverage of A Pale Tour Named Death, our love of Ghost themed artwork or our massive list of our favorite Ghost songs, but we’re here for whatever they do.

Tobias Forge, the leader of the band, recently did an amazing interview with a Phoenix radio station and fans just ate it up and wanted more. Well, their wish has come true because iHeartRadio is hosting a live Q&A with them.

That’s right, fellow Ghouls and Ghulehs, Ghost will be live streaming on the iHeartRadio Facebook page with Tobias Forge. It happens today at 4PM EST. You can post your questions for Tobias and the band on their page and you may get a shout out during the Q&A. It would seem that since his unmasking back in 2017 and since the band has exploded here in the U.S., Forge has exponentially increased his media presence over the last year.

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Not only that but he has been doing a lot of interviews lately, including one with Revolver on the horror movies influencing him in his life and career. Of course, his favorites are all classics and ones we would expect from someone who plays music with such a dark theme. Movies like The Exorcist and The Omen are expected. He had this to say regarding The Omen:

“To me, the devil is a symbol for liberation. He’s a symbol for intellectualism. He’s a symbol for art and expression and sexuality and freedom. If you look around in the world, the people who argue for the “good side” are more or less against all those things. So who’s the bad guy? The Omen series explains that brilliantly.”

That explains a lot and I couldn’t agree more. Other films like Halloween II and Jaws were a bit more surprising. His top choice was The Shining and he considers it to be “the best horror film ever made.” While I can’t necessarily agree with him on his choice as the best horror film, I respect the choice of a classic. Perhaps he will delve more into his love of horror during the Q&A.

Next. Born to Kill is unsettling miniseries. dark

Tune into the live interview on their Facebook page and get your questions in for Ghost while you still can. What are you going to ask him? Let us know in the comments!