Tobias Forge: Ghost interview with iHeartRadio crashes and burns


Tobias Forge of Ghost did an interview with iHeartRadio radio that ended up disappointing fans rather than delighting them. Beware of false advertising!

“I know pulling out”

You may have read earlier about the big announcement that Tobias Forge of Ghost would be doing a live video Q&A on Facebook with iHeartRadio. Fans were practically buzzing with excitement at the prospect of seeing their masked metal god.

They were told to leave their questions to possibly have them answered by Tobias on air and maybe even get a shout out. It’s just unfortunate that none of it happened like fans were told that it would.

This was a big deal for Ghost fans. Since the unmasking of Tobias due to a lawsuit that started last year and recently resolved (kind of), fans have scoured the internet for new pictures of Tobias and when interviews started filtering in, they were eating it up.

Tobias recently did an amazing radio interview and that left everyone feeling really excited. Not only would we hear him talk about the music, but the burning questions plaguing fans may be answered and we would see it happen.

Tobias Forge interview with iHeartRadio

Tobias came as himself…in a way. He sported a wig and, I can only assume, a fake mustache looking like a sweet ass Muskateer or a resident of The Parade from We Happy Few. In summary, he looked fabulous. Tobias Forge is very soft spoken and articulate but it was very hard to tell because he was never allowed to get a word in.

Big Rig was the interviewer and we left that live feed knowing more about his likes and childhood memories than about Tobias Forge. All of the questions asked were regurgitated from past interviews and no questions from the fans were offered and no shout outs givens.

Not only did Big Rig talk over Tobias, interrupt him and tell a long diatribe about his childhood love of British comedy but even Tobias looked uncomfortable. No one in the comments was happy and most fans felt cheated.

The interview was only 40 minutes long and 60% of that was hearing Big Rig answer his own questions. Whether he was nervous or he didn’t know anything about the band is unknown, but a different interviewer may have offered better results.

We did get a little bit of new information, including how Forge sees the character of Cardinal Copia. He mentioned seeing him as a “stereotypical immigrant American” and a father or grandfather figure with ”stereotypical American dad lingo” that sometimes goes over the heads of crowds in different parts of the world.

Tobias Forge is not amused – courtesy of iHeartRadio

I paid pretty close attention to the comments section to see what people were saying regarding this interview and what it means for the band. Most were excited to see Ghost’s leader on stage (mostly) unmasked and discussing the music we all enjoy.

Some, however, were not happy that the mystery was further getting chipped away with every interview that he does. I disagree and think that it takes nothing away from the quality of the music and the pageantry that the band offers.

Next. Tobias Forge of Ghost to do live Q+A with iHeartRadio. dark

Hopefully, iHeartRadio will learn from this experience. This was a huge opportunity for them, for the fans and a big step for Ghost and iHeartRadio fell flat on its face and took the entire interview down with it. You can see the interview on their Facebook page. Tobias did a great job with what he was given and we hope to see more of him in future interviews.

Do you think the interview went as badly as everyone is saying? Let us know in the comments!