Friday The 13th Part V’s Deborah Voorhees talks new film 13 Fanboy


1428 Elm recently got the chance to have a chat with Friday The 13th Part V’s Deborah Voorhees. We talked about A New Beginning and her new project 13 Fanboy reuniting some of the franchise’s cast, among other horror topics.

Welcome to Pinehurst, residents of Elm Street. Put away those garden shears as we talk to Pinehurst’s very own Tina, Deborah Voorhees, possibly the most memorable victim in Friday The 13th: A New Beginning.

1428 Elm: How did you come into acting and, was that something you always wanted to do?

Deborah Voorhees: I was recently looking through old school papers of mine and I found an old paper where I said I was going to grow to be a writer and actor. So Yes!

1428 Elm: With Friday The 13th Part 5 did everyone know from the start it wasn’t actually Jason or was that a surprise to everyone filming?

DV: No. that was held as a secret. No one but those involved saw the end. I did the same with my script 13 Fanboy. I have many twists. No one will know who is the killer until the very end.

1428 Elm: Regarding 13 Fanboy where did that idea come from? Did you have experience with stalkers before?

Deborah Voorhees: Yes. that’s where the idea came from. my main stalker was prior to Friday the 13th. Other Friday actors have had them as well. Overall my experience with fans has been great. but i have had a couple make me worry.

1428 Elm: How do you feel about the stigma that horror is a misogynistic genre?

DV: I completely disagree. It treats women equal to men except in the ability to be the killer. Fewer women are the killer. We can be brutally murdered also. This is all just fun and games. It is make believe like playing dead as a child. It isn’t something to be taken so seriously.

1428 Elm: What’s the plan for you after 13 Fanboy finishes, any ideas for a sequel or do you have other things planned?

DV: I would like to do a sequel

1428 Elm: A lot of people have the misconception that horror HAS to be a hard R rated blood and gore fest, but there have been some really good PG horror films like the original Poltergeist. How do you feel about it?

DV: I think it can be both ways. A Quiet Place shows that PG 13 can work

1428 Elm: Okay. Last question. What advice would you give anyone wanting to break into the business in any capacity?

DV: Do the work. You want a role as an actor, camera operator, director, writer. Do those jobs and more in several short films to get your chops up. you can’t expect to get hired if you don’t have something to show.

1428 Elm: Sound advice. Thank you for your time. We will be looking forward to see what you and all the F13 alumni bring to 13 Fanboy.

DV: Thanks! so appreciate you. Here’s some basic info on 13 fanboy: This is a full-length feature film destined for theaters and a wide release on streaming platforms and in major retail markets.

13 Fanboy stars many favorite actors from the Friday the 13th franchise. It is about an obsessed fan who stalks with the intent to kill his favorite actresses from the franchise. As a child, Kelsie witnesses the murder of her grandmother, a Friday the 13th actress, at the hands of a crazy fanboy.

As an adult, she discovers her grandmother isn’t the only victim and finds herself battling to save the life of her grandmother’s best friend, also an actress from Friday the 13th, only to find she is now being targeted by the killer. But who is the killer?

More from Friday the 13th

So many suspects including the man (played by Andrew Leighty) lying beside her. In our cast we have horror legend Kane Hodder, who played Jason in four Friday the 13th films, CJ Graham, who played Jason in Jason Lives, Thom Mathews from Jason Lives, Judie Aronson from The Final Chapter, Tracie Savage from Friday the 13th III, Ron Sloan from V, Carol Locatell from V, myself and many others yet to be named.

From Never Hike Alone, we have Vincente DiSanti and Andrew Leighty. We are also introducing Hayley Reece Greenbauer as one of our leading ladies. Ari Lehman, the first Jason, has a rock band called First Jason. His song Victim will be used in the film. The feel of the film is similar to Hush, Cape Fear with great practical effect horror kills that 80s slasher fans love.


Again we would like to thank Deborah Voorhees for her time.13 Fanboy seems to be an excellent love letter to the Friday The 13th franchise as well as to the fans of the franchise, and we here at 1428 Elm can’t wait to see it. If you would like to help have this amazing film concept made you can help the process by donating to the 13 Fanboy Indiegogo campaign

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Fan of the Friday the 13th franchise? Looking forward to Deborah Voorhees’ 13 Fanboy? Let the other camp counselors know what you think in the comment section below.