The rearview mirror: Saying goodbye to Ash vs Evil Dead and The X-Files

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Ash vs Evil Dead -Intermission

Ash vs Evil Dead – NYCC 2017- Build-Series- Courtesy of Getty Images-Desiree Navarro

This is where the story gets crazy. From Dec. 2016 until Oct. 2017, STARZ stays mum on the return of the show for season 3. I became curious as to what was going on in April of last year so I started delving into why the show was in limbo.

Concerned about the fate of the series, at 1428 Elm we began the journey to rally the fans for #BringBackBoomstick. I can honestly say I never spearheaded a social media campaign of that magnitude before and I doubt I will ever endeavor to do so again.

During this time, I was fortunate enough to interact with the cast members through interviews and on social media. For those experiences, I am eternally grateful.

After months of petitions and bombarding every social media platform with our hashtag at New York Comic Con in Oct. 2017 it was announced that season 3 of AVED would return on Feb. 25, 2018.