Us: Jordan Peele drops sharp poster for new movie


We finally have some info on Academy Award winner Jordan Peele’s follow-up to Get Out. Peele shared a teaser poster for the movie Us on Instagram. We’ve got the details.

Details about Us have been sparse. We know the eagerly anticipated movie is a Blumhouse production. Like Get Out, Peele wrote and directed the film.

The first plot synopsis finally surfaced earlier this week. The exclusive comes via Husband and wife Lupita Nyong’o (Black Panther) and Winston Duke (BlackPanther) take their kids and cord cut for the weekend at a beach house. They plan to spend time with friends that include Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale), but end up being visited by some bad people.

That’s the basic bland tagline that will probably end up accompanying the film when it lands in our channel guides years from now. It doesn’t give a whole lot away.

Then on Thursday afternoon, Peele, and eventually Blumhouse, posted this teaser poster on Instagram:

Per Peele’s caption, the trailer for Us drops on Christmas Day. That’s roughly a week and half from now. I can’t wait to start trying to piece together what I think the plot will be.

In the meantime, let’s look at this poster.

Someone, perhaps Nyong’o, is in a red dress that looks like something from Handmaid’s Tale. They’re clutching a pair of shears. I know those are scissors, but they’re huge.

I felt like they deserved a little bit more respect than just calling them scissors. They appear to be gold. The finger loops almost look like eyes while the blades look like a beak.

But, not in a Toucan Sam/Fruit Loops adventure kind of way. This looks more sinister. Those loops remind me of Bob’s glasses in the original Halloween, as well.

Also, this person is wearing a murder glove on their right hand. I know that’s a driving glove. But I grew up watching Columbo and Matlock. People don’t wear those gloves to drive.

They wear them to murder. The glove, like the shears, is also gold. And it’s on the right hand, so we’re not looking at Michael Jackson or a Michael Jackson wannabe. Although in later years, The King of Pop did wear the glove on both hands. Hmm.

The way the shears are being held strikes me as something ritualistic, yet pleasant. We can’t see the person’s face, but I imagine whoever is clutching these shears with both hands takes a deep breathe with a smile and a welcoming cock of the head.

Us-Jordan Peele-Courtesy of Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Turner Image

The font on the title Us is a little bit classical. Perhaps the shears are meant to be a more permanent cord cutting than just a weekend of detaching from social media and emails. We could be dealing with a cult of wacked-out Unabomber devotees, here.

Make no mistake. Before Peele made this post I was more immediately concerned with his production of The Twilight Zone for CBS All Access. It’s been adding talent, including The Walking Dead alum Steven Yeun.

I’ve also been too into Blumhouse’s Into the Dark series to worry about much else.

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And now this teaser poster for Us drops. Like I said, I can’t wait to check out this trailer. I hope there’s some kind of through line with Get Out. I really want this to be the second film of a horror trilogy by Peele. Because, why not?

Where you surprised by the teaser poster for Us? Are you excited for the trailer to drop on Christmas Day? Let’s discuss in the comments!