Between Worlds: An interview with powerhouse director — Maria Pulera

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Working with Nicolas Cage

Between Worlds – Courtesy of Rise Up

1428 Elm: What was working with Nicholas Cage like? Did you collaborate to create his character?

MP: Brilliant and creative and free, trying new things with his character, I wanted a Jim Morrison Trucker type for his character — a Jim Morrison trucker! We worked together, I had a great costume designer who helped to pick the clothes and she always knows what I want.

And he brought nuances to the character, like it was his idea to wear all the rings. I had an idea of the characters being animals; he felt that his character was an alligator, ‘yes, there’s an ‘gator inside here’, so we got him a T-shirt with an alligator on it.

Bonnie, (Bonnie Stauch) who is a great costume designer, really takes it to the next level. There’s a lot of sex scenes in the film, and I wanted hot, crazy underwear, like Jim Morrison underpants.