Dance with the Dead releases best version of Carol of the Bells ever


Dance with the Dead released one of my personal favorite holiday songs, Carol of the Bells and it is seriously bad ass!

Dance with the Dead, a band we got to talk to when they released their album Loved to Death, dropped a version of one of my personal favorite songs, Carol of the Bells, and it’s pretty bad ass.

Admit it, Christmas music sucks. It’s the same five songs on repeat all sung by different people in an attempt to fool us into thinking there’s variety out there. We’re not fooled and we’re tired of the same old thing and I’m willing to bet that Santa is tired of it too.

Every now and then, you catch a holiday album or a version of a song that doesn’t suck but is, in fact, one of the best things you’ve ever heard in your life, i.e. the Christopher Lee A Heavy Metal Christmas album. If you aren’t familiar with that, well Merry Christmas.

Dance with the Dead is a pro at fusing electronic and metal music into perfect harmony and creating something that the dance crowd and the metal crowd can enjoy. I LOVE the remix of Carol of the Bells and I could handle an entire Christmas album from Dance with the Dead and I would buy it in a heartbeat. Suck on that Mannheim Steamroller!

They have created multiple albums and each have their own theme like aliens, monsters, creatures from deep and while the music is the same style, each has their own feel and the subject matter is a major vein throughout each song on the album. If you like this cover, then definitely take a listen to the theme song from National Lampoon’s Vacation, Holiday Road.

Everyone at 1428 Elm hopes you have a wonderful holiday, eat and drink until you just can’t handle anymore, get everything you hoped for and remember that murder is illegal when conservative Uncle Frank brings up politics and religion…AGAIN.

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What did you think of the Dance with the Dead “Carol of the Bells” remix? Do you hope they make a whole Christmas album? Let us know in the comments!