Horror on premium cable: Bring in the new year with classic films


From Psycho to Child’s Play, premium cable has plenty of horror films arriving this January for horror fans in need of something spooky to bring in the new year!

Premium cable apps aren’t as popular as streaming behemoths like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, but that just means they’re overlooked territory for avid horror fans who may be surprised by the collection of horror films these channels have on tap.

There are classics like American Psycho, Psycho, and Jeepers Creepers, and newer films like Down A Dark Hall or The Veil. Plus, just some criminally underrated films like The Collection or Attack the Block! With so many streaming services nowadays it can be hard to keep track of what’s where which is why I’ve compiled an easy list for all your horror needs!

Jan 1st

Psycho I-III (1960-1986):  Psycho is widely considered to be one of the best psychological thrillers of all time in addition to being one of the best classic horror films. All three Psycho films are coming to premium cable January 1st.  If you consider yourself a horror fan but haven’t gotten the chance to visit Bates Motel then I highly suggest you take the opportunity while you can. Available on HBO.

American Psycho & American Psycho 2 (2000-2002): American Psycho is responsible for truly putting Christian Bale on the map as the iconic serial killer Patrick Bateman. When American Psycho premiered it was both lauded for its satirical and darkly comedic angle and reviled for the way it reveled in violence. The sequel is a stand-alone film with little in common with the first, but stars Mila Kunis as the serial killer and maintains the black comedy aspect of the original film. Available on Starz.

Franz Drameh, Alex Esmail, Leeon Jones, and John Boyega in Attack the Block (2011) Photo by Liam Daniel – © 2011 Screen Gems, Inc. All rights reserved.

Attack the Block (2011): John Boyega may be most well-known as Finn from Star Wars, but it was Attack the Block that got him noticed. The sci-fi horror comedy film coming to premium cable also stars Jodie Whittaker (Doctor Who) as one of the gang members that must fight off an invading species of aliens with a taste for human flesh. Available on Starz.

Jeepers Creepers (2001): What begins as an innocent road trip between two siblings as they make their way home from college for some much-needed time off, quickly spirals into race for their lives as Trish (Gina Phillips) and Danny (Justin Long) are stalked by a hideous winged creature. Available on Starz.

The Ninth Gate (1999): The Ninth Gate is about a prolific 17th century text rumored to be written by Satan himself. Once Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) comes in possession of the ancient tome, he finds himself at the epicenter of supernatural phenomenon. Available on Starz. 

Brad Dourif and Chris Sarandon in Child’s Play (1988) © 1988 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Child’s Play (1988): Child’s Play is one of several classic horror films streaming this month. It spawned an entire franchise complete with six other films (with more in the making), dolls, toys, collectibles, and more. The film centers on a homicidal doll named Chucky who is the victim of a soul transference, hence the animated doll aspect. Available on Starz. 

Curve (2014): Teddy Sears (The Flash), Julianne Hough (Burlesque), and Penelope Mitchell (The Vampire Diaries) star in one of many hitchhiking horror movies about a young bride-to-be (Hough), who crosses paths with a dangerous psychopath out on the road. Available on Starz.

The Blair Witch Project 1 & 2 (1999-2000): Both Blair Witch films will hit premium cable in January. When a group of college kids try to find proof of a local legend (a.k.a. the Blair Witch) they find much more than they bargained for, leaving behind nothing but chilling documentary-style footage. Available on Showtime.

Jan 6th

Down a Dark Hall (2018): AnnaSophia Robb (The Carrie Diaries) stars as Kit Gordy in this American-Spanish film. Down a Dark Hall is based on the 1974 novel of the same name and centers on Blackwood Boarding School for girls. The novel is a work of gothic fiction for young adults and was written by Lois Duncan. Available on HBO.

Timothy Hutton and Amy Madigan in The Dark Half (1993) © 1993 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jan 11th

The Dark Half (1992): The film, which stars Timothy Hutton (The Haunting of Hill House) as Thad Beaumont, is about a writer (Beaumont) who wants to retire his own pseudonym and bury him in a metaphorical grave. Except his alter-ego has taken on a life of its own and doesn’t want to go quietly into the night without taking Thad with him. Available on Starz.

P2 (2007): Even though it’ll be after the holidays, P2 is a great movie to watch if you can’t quite kick the post-Christmas blues. It takes place on Christmas Eve night when a young Angela Bridges (Rachel Nichols, The Librarians) gets trapped in a parking garage (hence the film’s title) where she is stalked by Thomas Barclay (Wes Bentley, Yellowstone). Available on Starz.

Jan 18th

The Return (2006): The Return stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as Joanna Mills. Mills begins having visions surrounding a woman’s murder and she believes she must solve the crime before the murderer in question comes after her next. The film also stars Sam Shepard (The Right Stuff), Adam Scott (Parks & Recreation), and Peter O’Brien (Neighbours). Available on Starz.

Jan 19th

The Veil (2016): The story (clearly inspired by the real-life Jonestown murders), is about the last known surviving member of a religious cult (played by Lily Rabe). Maggie Price (Jessica Alba) wants to make a documentary about the cult in question but when she goes to meet Sarah she soon discovers that some ghastly crimes are better left buried. Available on Starz.

Randall Archer and Josh Stewart in The Collection (2012) – Photo by Bob Mahoney – © 2012 – LD Entertainment

Jan 24th

The Collection (2012):  This film continues the journey of Arkin O’Brien (Shooter’s Josh Stewart), the man who almost outwitted the Collector in the first film. This time he’s released from his “box” by a teenager named Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) who witnesses her best friend and boyfriend being massacred and wants to escape as badly as Arkin does. The two must try and help each other and a few other survivors escape his deadly games once and for all. Available on HBO.

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Jan 25th

Monkey Shines (1988): George A. Romero took a break from zombies to make this studio film about a quadriplegic, Allan (Jason Beghe), who gets help from an experimental breed of monkey meant to help him though an injection of brain tissue. Except this “bond” eventually sours when the monkey, Ella, begins to feel all of Allan’s rage. Available on Starz.

Which of these horror movies are your favorites? Will you check out any you haven’t seen before in January? Do you like to binge horror all year round? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!