Jordan Peele gives us a nerdgasm with his quirky Weird City


Jordan Peele has a new YouTube Premium series on its way next month. Get ready for the future with Weird City.

Jordan Peele is everywhere. This immensely talented director and writer is a creative machine. Not only is he giving us a new incarnation of Rod Serling’s classic, The Twilight Zone but he has a new venture Weird City on YouTube Premium.

Yesterday, the channel released the trailer for Peele’s upcoming sci-fi anthology six-episode series. According to Indiewire, Weird City will debut on Feb.13.  This production manages to pack quite a few stars that made their careers in “nerdy” genres like sci-fi and horror.

When you look at this cast list, it is pretty impressive. First of all, LeVar Burton who every sci-fi fan recognizes as Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation, is the scientific mastermind behind Peele’s Brave New World. Dr. Negari is apparently the architect of the future in Weird City.

In the trailer, we catch glimpses of Michael Cera (the nerd king from Superbad, Year One and Juno), Sara Gilbert (Roseanne as well as the ultimate geek show, The Big Bang Theory), Steven Yeun (Glenn from The Walking Dead), Rosario Dawson (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf).

Although he doesn’t appear in the promo, Mark Hamill is in the cast! When you have Luke Skywalker in your series, you have assembled some top-notch talent with serious geek cred.

Of course, that is what you would want in a comedic show that looks at DNA testing in order to find the perfect mate as well as tackling other topics like physical fitness and sex. One thing you catch right off the bat from the very first lines of dialogue about truffles as a well-to-do couple dines in a chic restaurant is that the future definitely has a clear line of demarcation between the upper class and lower class.

The middle tier is a thing of the past. One of the funniest bits involves Steven Yeun and his friends driving around in a van. It looks like they are taking in the local flavor of the “below-the-line” people as they are referred to in several instances. A girl sitting next to him inquires if they are in an amusement park when her friend proceeds to tell her about laundromats.

When he says that the “below-the-line people like to do their own laundry,” you hear a collective “Ew!” from the group. Seriously, who does like to do that particular chore? Not me.

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Charlie Sanders who was one of the staff writers on Jordan Peele’s Comedy Central series with his pal, Keegan-Michael Key from 2012 until 2015, is also Peele’s partner in Weird City as well as the writer. Veteran director Amy Heckerling who helmed one of the 80’s anthem movies, Fast Times at Ridgemont High as well as the quintessential 90’s comedy Clueless is behind the camera for two episodes.

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