Netflix is working on Resident Evil series and we are skeptical


Recently announce, Netflix is in the works on a new exclusive ‘Resident Evil’ series based on the wildly popular gaming franchise.

Ah, Resident Evil, the Capcom created gaming franchise that everyone is talking about right now. Resident Evil 2 is a hair’s breadth away from releasing (or probably already has by the time you’re reading this) and it is the game that fans have been asking for for years.

It would seem that all of the hype around the game isn’t going unnoticed by the massive streaming company Netflix. Deadline is reporting Netflix is currently in the works on a Resident Evil series, exclusive to the service.

Netflix has truly been killing it in terms of original content. While the animation style of Castlevania left a LOT to be desired, the story and voice acting is phenomenal and did fans right in terms of entertainment for gamers. We haven’t have much luck with Resident Evil in that department in the past. I went on a very long rant about how I believe the Paul W. S. Anderson Resident Evil films are pure, steaming garbage fires and how Mila Jovavich was the wrong choice for an RE lead. I stand by that wholeheartedly and there are mixed feelings about this series.

It would seem that Netflix global is the one involved and  the German production and distribution company, Constantin Film, will be overseeing the series. The bad news is they were behind the terrible Resident Evil films as well.

It’s said that the series will be delving deeper and expanding the Umbrella Corporation mythology, their dark plans and the beginnings of the outbreak. It is also said that they will keep the “basic premise” of the games but how far that goes is yet to be seen. The basic premise can be as little as zombies and T-virus or as much as highlights of the timeline and mythology.

Image courtesy of Constantin Film/ Screen Gems

The Resident Evil mythos runs DEEP and gets very complicated, so I understand the aspect of keeping a basic premise, as long as they do right by the fans. We were cheated time after time with the films and want a film or series that will do justice to our beloved franchise. There is no showrunner yet and the series is still VERY early in development. Deadline also mentions it would be including “signature elements, including action sequences and Easter eggs.”

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Constantin Films has been looking to reboot the films as well with a new cast and new script. James Wan WAS set to work on the first two movies of a reboot but he has since pulled out. This whole situation makes me so nervous.

The same production company, no James Wan; I just don’t have the heart to see another fail for my favorite franchise. One of two things will happen with this Netflix series. A) This will be amazing, mind blowing and Resident Evil fans across the world will have all of their minds blown simultaneously OR B) and this is the most likely, this will just blow…massively.

I hate being so cynical but the Resident Evil movies made me this way. They broke the circle of trust and it must be earned back. Regardless, keep an eye on 1428 Elm for news of the series AND for our Resident Evil 2 review. It’s coming and it’s gonna be good. Until then, check out our first impressions of the game and the new DLC Capcom announced.

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Fan of the legendary game franchise? What do you think of a Resident Evil series from Netflix? Sound off in the comments!