Ghost: Tobias Forge appears FULLY unmasked on French TV


For the very first time, Tobias Forge appears in interview on a French TV show fully unmasked to discuss Ghost and we are shook.

Yesterday, the entire Ghost-verse fandom was losing their collective minds. News travels really fast among Ghost fans and all of a sudden all over Instagram, screenshots of Tobias Forge were appearing.

Keep in mind, RECENT images of Forge are extremely difficult to come by and any interview appearance he has done recently, while not in his Cardinal Copia outfit, are still in costume. For the first time since Ghost’s inception, Tobias Forge did a television interview completely unmasked and without any sort of disguise.

The interview happened on the French show Quotidien on TMC. Quotidien included a snippet of the interview on their Twitter yesterday. Keep in mind, his voice has been dubbed over in french, but you can see for yourself that he finally did it.

If my five years of French has done anything it has been to roughly translate that tweet to: “For the first time, Tobias Forge — the man who is behind the heavy metal band Ghost, interviews with his face uncovered. He explains why he decided to love the mask.”

Keep in mind that is translated by myself and may not be 100% correct but it is most definitely the gist of the tweet. I only wish I was able to understand the quick French dubbing. Fortunately, if you are good at tuning certain things out, you can hear most of what Forge is saying under the dubbing.

He talks about how there was always a level of anonymity but with all of the exposure and the pictures (not to mention the lawsuit) that he was at a crossroads of sorts. He says that his ultimate goal is to make Ghost as big as it can possibly be and his exposure hasn’t seemed to hurt the popularity of the band. Since the interview is just a snippet, that’s all the information we really get from it.

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This is a huge deal for fans of the band that have been following for years. We have known for a long time that Tobias Forge was the leader and the voice and slowly, the identities of the Ghouls are being figured out. The revealing of the band members doesn’t hurt how much we enjoy the music so I say this interview is a big turning point.

We get to see Tobias Forge discuss the band we all enjoy without the distraction of a “Turtle Fudge” outfit. If you don’t know what that means, check out any of the Ghost fan pages. While I enjoyed seeing how he would be dressed next, it was nice to actually see his face and really discuss the band and the music. And can we all just agree that his Poe shirt was amazing?? After the interview, Ghost did an intimate performance on the show of “Life Eternal” and “Dance Macabre.” Overall, the interview was really successful and made many fans very happy.

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Fan of Ghost? Do you think it’s a good idea for Tobias Forge to interview fully unmasked? Sound off in the comments!